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Quick Cash In Gran Turismo 5

Quick Cash In Gran Turismo 5


In Gran Turismo 5(GT5) money is everything. I’m here to tell you the quickest and easiest ways to make money as early as possible in GT5.

Now to make money in GT5 you have to win races as we all know. You could do the Sunday Cup over and over in GT5 to make quick and easy money but I mean really who wants to redo the Sunday Cup 90 times?

Alright for this trick to work you need to have at least 2 accounts on for PSN. Use your PSN account that is not your main one first. Put in GT5 and get you driver to level 1 in the A-Spec. Once you hit level one it should tell you that you can now do Go-kart racing. Make sure to pick up your Go-kart from the semi truck then head to the special events. Time to get that quick and easy money. Go to your garage and make sure you have your Go-kart being used and select the Gran Turismo Karting Experience. These tracks are very small and you finish them very quickly. After completing both courses you net yourself 24000$! Hows that for some quick and easy money, but lets not stop there.

Okay so now you’ve done that on your other PSN account. Sell whatever crappy car you got at lvl 0 and see how much money you have. Now you can’t send money to other players but you can send cars. Find an expensive(as much as you can afford) lvl 1 car and send it to your real PSN account. Now on the real PSN account you can choose to keep that car or sell it for quite a bit. Understand you can’t get that car until you’re lvl 1 again so you’ll have to buy a beater to get you back up to lvl 1. Then once your lvl 1 again hit the Go-Kart racing up again earn your quick and easy money and you should easily have around 50000$ at lvl one giving you a HUGE boost going into the game.

Now I know that in GT5 I was only allowed to send out one car a day, I’m not sure how many you can receive(if anyone knows let me know). Either way this is a good way to earn at least 30000$ a day.

So there your have it a quick and easy way to earn money in GT5! Go get yourself a sweet car

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