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Rage 2 Ark Location Guide

Rage 2 Ark Location Guide
Want to find all of the Ark’s to unlock new weapons and Nanotrite abilities? This Rage 2 Ark Location Guide shows you where you can find each of the Ark Tech Facilities that offer you greater benefits to just the Ark Chests such as brand new weapons and new abilities.

Rage 2 boasts a huge open-world environment to explore. The Wastelands are filled with hidden objectives, secret locations and challenging battles. Many of these events reward you with Ark Chests, that provide some great bonuses, but we’re looking for Ark Facilities. These special facilities are hidden away and, once unlocked, will unlock brand new weapons and abilities for you to use.

Twisting Canyons Ark Location Guide

Junkers Pass Ark
Quake Hill Ark

Broken Tract Ark Location Guide

Great Crack Ark
Canyon Cove Ark
Spikewind Ark

Torn Plains Ark Location Guide

Earthscar Ark
Strongbox Ark

Sekreto Wetlands Ark Location Guide

Dank Catacomb Ark
Dealypipe Ark

Dune Sea Ark Location Guide

Shrouded Vault Ark

The Wilds Ark Location Guide

Greenhaven Ark
Needle Falls Ark

That’s where to find every Ark in Rage 2. If you need any additional help, post a comment below.

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