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Rage Outrigger Settlement Job Guide

Rage Outrigger Settlement Job Guide

In Rage they have jobs instead of quests. They are the same thing and you need to find them and do them to maximize your chances of survival. This guide will help you clear all the jobs in the Outrigger settlement. Let’s do it.

I’m doing this as I go so help me out if you can.

Rage Outrigger settlement job guideRadio Tower Repair – This quest comes from Rikter in the settlement. You get a combat shotgun for doing this one. Three of these jobs are pretty much right with each other so we will kill quite a few birds here. Follow the path and on the mini map and you will end up at a place you can’t drive anymore. Keep following the marker and you will run into some enemies with assault rifles. Take them down and look around. Take the steps down on the right and you will get some loot and a card. After that follow the marker again. These enemies are harder and you will fight them quite a bit throughout the job.

A quick note anything blue on the mini map is an area you can explore so check them if you want. I do explore normally but these guides will just help people get through the quests.

Keep following the path and you will run into a mutant and Juno. Kill the mutant then check Juno. This is for a different quest. Now follow the marker and take the ladder up. There is a switch up here you need to hit for the radio tower. Hit it then take the zip line down back to the settlement and turn it in.

Rage Outrigger settlement job guideWhere’s Juno – This job will be done during the radio tower job so follow that one.

Rage Outrigger settlement job guide – Medical supplies – After finding Juno and getting back to the settlement you will go talk to Janus. After that you get an engineering recipe and you need to make a bandage. After that you need to go drop it off back at Dan in the other settlement. Do that for your reward.

Rage Outrigger settlement job guideMutant Alert – After finishing up the job where you need to clear the garage and get parts for your new vehicle you will exit out a door. Outside that door is the launcher you need to use. It’s hard to miss so use it. After that a mutant will attack you. Kill it and go back to the settlement for a reward.

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