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Rage Quell The Bandit Threat Guide

Rage Quell The Bandit Threat Guide

The first main job of Rage is called Quell the Bandit Threat. Now being as this is the first job it isn’t all that hard. Still this guide will get you through it with no problems or issues. Let’s get to it.

First thing you will need to do in the Rage Quell the Bandit threat job guide is get your equipment. After the start of the game you will be taken to a settlement. Talk to the guy who saved you once you get inside the building and accept the job. On the table next to him is your equipment.  Take it once you can. Before leaving in that room is a collectible card. Grab it. Now head to the garage and get on the four wheeler.

The next part of the Rage Quell the Bandit threat job guide is getting to the hideout. Use your mini map and follow the marker. On your way you will see some floating robots with lights. You can’t do anything to them yet but later with a car if you can crash into them you get rewards. Keep following the marker to the hideout entrance then enter it.

The next part of the Rage Quell the Bandit threat job guide is getting through the hideout. Now we have to clear out all the bandits. Right when you enter loot the body to get some items. Now remember to loot all the enemies for cash and ammo. Once you see the first enemy plug him and keep moving. Once you find the second enemy who comes down a ramp you want to drop him quickly. They move well so place your shots good. After he is dead head up the ramp and you should see a card hanging. Grab it for a collectible.

From here it is pretty straight forward just follow the marker on your mini map. A little ways in you will fall into a trap. They will knock you out and send you to a new room. In this room the object is to do the revive mini game. You will need to place the sticks in the directions they ask you then hit a button. You will need to do it multiple times the more you do it the more hp you will have once you come back. After the stick part just try to hit the correct buttons in the markers to come back to life and finish any nearby enemies.

After you come back just keep following the marker and bringing down the bad guys. Keep your eye out for loot as well anything shiny you can pick up. Also you can loot vending machines for cash in here. It isn’t to hard at the moment but they will still send three guys or more at you at once. Well placed shots can bring them down quick. Be wary of the enemies with guns though because they do hurt. One item I will point out if at the bottom of some steps. Look to the left and you will see a table with grenades on it. Grab those because you will want them.

At the end there will be a zip line. Take it if you are done searching for items and head back to the settlement. Good job on your first job.

That will end the Rage Quell the Bandit threat job guide and net you the achievement/trophy Ghost busters. Check back soon for more guides!

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