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Rainbow Six Extraction Missing In Action (MIA) Guide

This Rainbow Six Extraction Missing In Action (MIA) Guide will explain how to rescue your MIA operators, the punishments if you fail, and other mechanics relating to the unique Missing in Action feature in the newest Tom Clancy game.

The Missing In Action mechanic applies when you attempt a mission but fail to extract with an Operator. They are encased in a protective mass that stops them becoming infected, allowing another group of Operators to enter the Hot-Zone and extract the Operator, rescuing them.

Rainbow Six Extraction Missing In Action (MIA) Guide

It’s important to note that the rescue attempt can fail. If you attempt a Rescue Mission with a new Operator and fail to extract, the Operator that was Missing In Action will still return to your roster, in a playable state, but they will lose some of their progression and advancement. As such, especially during Rescue Missions, it’s not a terrible idea to extract as soon as you are able. However, if an Operator has reached the level cap, they are immune to losing progression on failed rescue attempts.

If you fail to extract an Operator by failing the actual mission, your current Operator will then also go MIA. It’s important to be prepared when you go in to an MIA mission. You will see the MIA icon on the Hot-Zone where your Operator is being held. When you go in, rescuing the Operator will become one of the three objectives spread across the three rooms in each Hot-Zone.

The mission can be difficult. When you encounter your MIA Operator, they will likely be wrapped up in a cocoon like structure. There will be several tendrils connected to the cocoon. Each tendril leads to a hive-like enemy that is initially immune to damage. After you activate the MIA agents body the cocoons will begin “attacking” the body by sending signals down the tendrils. As the cocoons open, you will need to destroy them before moving on to the next one. This can be very difficult solo so bring some allies.

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