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How To Reactivate Samuels’ Communication In Alien Isolation

How To Reactivate Samuels' Communication In Alien Isolation

While playing Alien Isolation you will run into an objective that wants you to reactivate Samuels’ communication. In order to do this you will have to beat three mini games that the game does not explain to you. This guide will help you beat the mini games and get on with the game!

The games are in random order and if you mess up on one the whole thing will reset. Just because one was on the first screen before does not mean the same game will be there again.

Alien Isolation Reactivating Samuels’ Communication

The Circuit Game – All the game tells you for this one is press the matching input when the circuit is active. You will see 3 squares that have numbers, symbols and letters popping up randomly in them. These are the circuits and you need to press the corresponding button to the circuit. It is not the D-pad but the other buttons(Xbox is Y,X,A and Ps is Triangle, Square, X,). When a symbol pops up in one of the squares hit that button to lock it in. If you mess up it will reset so wait until you are sure before hitting the button.

Values Game – This one is pretty simple. All you have to do is put the bar over the white numbers/letters and confirm them. You can move the bar and you are not timed so don’t rush. If one leaves the screen don’t worry it will come back after the cycle ends.

Balance Values – I wasn’t 100% sure what to do at first for this but after I looked it over I understood. All you need to do is use the D-pad to make the top numbers match the button numbers then confirm.

Once you do that you will get a cut scene and more androids to deal with. Check back soon for more Alien Isolation guides!

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  1. The circuit game is poorly designed for PC, you’re given no indication whatsoever unless you plug in a controller and see what the ABXY buttons equate to on a keyboard. Crappy port as always.

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