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Recore Guide: Health Booster Location Guide

Recore Guide: Health Booster Location Guide

In order to survive longer in ReCore you will need to find Health Boosters. Some are hidden in dungeons and others can be found while exploring the world. Check out this ReCore Health Booster Location Guide to help you find them as you go along!

Recore Health Booster Location Guide

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ReCore Health Booster 1 – After you take down the first boss and return to the Crawler, look on top of the Crawler for the HP upgrade.

ReCore Health Booster 2 – You can find this one inside Pylon 512. When you are looking for the six Cell Bots you will come to a point where you need to dash through blue portal type things. Before you do that, turn around and inside the room there you will find the Health Booster.

ReCore Health Booster 3 – This can be found on the Lonely Basin map. There is a dungeon called Cavern Rush on the map. Across from that there is a tall rock near some platforms that you can jump to. Go to the top of the big rock and look on the outskirts for the Health Booster.

ReCore Health Booster 4 – There is another Health Booster during the Cavern Rush dungeon. During the second set of jumps it will be on the last platform the moves from left to right. The Booster is all the way to the left so you might have to wait for the platform to move there.

ReCore Health Booster 5 – This one is pretty deep into the Core Foundry area. After you prevent the core from exploding you will eventually make it to another set of giant electric balls. At the second set, the set that doesn’t go in circles around the crates, stay on the left side. At the end of the path you will find a crate you can jump up on the right side. Follow that path up and you will find a chest. If you look above the chest you can see the Health Booster as well. Jump up on the skinny metal thing above the chest and use that to jump to the crate near the Health Booster.

ReCore Health Booster 6 – This can be found in The Brood Hive dungeon. Right after the first red switch you will drop down into an area with a bunch of flying enemies. If you look behind where you fell, you will see the Health Capsule. Jump up and grab it.

ReCore Health Booster 7 – Beating the Crucible Deungeon will get you another Health Booster.
We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates!

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