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Red Dead Online Legendary Animal Locations Guide

Red Dead Online Legendary Animal Locations Guide
This Red Dead Online Legendary Animal Locations Guide tells you where to find each of the different Legendary Animals we have encounter in the game, as they offer huge amounts of Naturalist experience points for quick leveling. The RDR2 update Naturalist Frontier Pursuit introduces new Legendary Animals to find in Red Dead Online.

Although there are Naturalist missions that involve the Legendary Animals, they are not required in order to track them down. All you need is some ammunition and, once you have started the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit, you will be able to track down Legendary Animals and knock them out. Remember, killing animals will not reward you with any experience points for the Naturalist tree, so make sure you bring the right ammunition for the job.

Legendary Animals can be tough to track down. You can use the pheromones but they do not spawn animals, they simply tell you if one is nearby. Not worth the $20 a piece. As with all firearms, when using the sedation ammo, you want to aim for the head. After enough shots a notification will appear saying you have sedated the legendary animal.

Below is a list of the Legendary Animals so far, there are mission animals from Harriet. These are guaranteed spawns in a private instance, so they are a great way for Naturalist experience points, or to unlock new clothing items.

  • Legendary Boar (Wakpa) – Lower Montana River, Thieves Landing Area
  • Legendary Ram (Gabbro Horn Ram) – South of Fort Mercer
  • Legendary Beaver (Zizi) – Lake Owanjila
  • Legendary Elk (Ozula) – Cholla Springs
  • Legendary Fox (Ota Fox) – West of Rhodes
  • Legendary Wolf (Moonfang Wolf) – West of Cairn Lake
  • Legendary Ram (Rutile Horn Ram) – Level 5 mission with Harriet
  • Legendary Boar (Icachi Boar) – Level 5 mission with Harriet
  • Legendary Beaver (Night Beaver) – Level 5 mission with Harriet
  • Legendary Fox (Cross Fox) – Level 5 mission with Harriet
  • Legendary Elk (Inahme Elk) – Level 5 mission with Harriet
  • Legendary Cougar (Maza Cougar) – Near Sea of Coronado (Need level 10 Legendary Animals map)

Warning: There are likely multiple spawns for each Legendary Animal and the respawn rate appears incredibly slow. It’s difficult to be certain, as there are a lot of players hunting them down, but we camped out the Legendary Boar spot for a good couple of hours and it didn’t respawn. If you’re likely to get frustrated chasing these down, I would wait until non-peak times or even give it a few days.

If you approach a Legendary Animal and you’re too slow to sedate them, they will run away and despawn, so be quick.

Red Dead Online Legendary Animal Locations Guide

To get the most Naturalist XP you will want to sedate and revive the animal and return to sell the goods. However, so far, all of the Legendary Animals we’ve found so far have another purpose. If you kill the animal and skin it, you can take the materials to Gus to unlock new clothes. This works especially well in the Missions as it guarantees the Legendary Animal appears.

Where To Find Legendary Boar (Wakpa)
Where To Find Legendary Ram (Gabbro Horn Ram)
Where To Find Legendary Beaver (Zizi)
Where To Find Legendary Elk (Ozula)
Where To Find Legendary Fox (Ota Fox)
Where To Find Legendary Wolf (Moonfang Wolf)
Where To Find Legendary Cougar (Maza Cougar)

We know this is a very limited listed but hopefully it’s at least somewhat helpful for these Legendary Animals. We are working on the guide right now. We have checked every location on the map but found nothing, it could be due to other players, weather conditions, there’s a lot we don’t know yet. We’ll be updating this soon.

If you have any tips to share with us, and other members of the Red Dead Online community searching for these elusive beasts, post a comment down below.

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