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How To Remodel The Fubuki Quickly In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

How To Remodel The Fubuki Quickly In Final Fantasy XV Comrades

The Fubuki is a weapon that you can get in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades pretty early that adds ice attacks. You need to get it up to 50 Ice Resistance to be able to remodel the Fubuki. Check out this guide to find out How To Remodel The Fubuki Quickly In Final Fantasy XV Comrades.

How To Upgrade The Fubuki Quickly In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

As usual, if you already have a leveled up Fubuki, you may want to buy a fresh one unless it has Ice Resistance on it. Early on you unlock an Urgent Mission: The Calamitous Karlabos which is the mission you want to take. Here you can get two crafting items that you will want to use. Sahagin Scales are worth one point, which is low but you get a ton of them in that mission and Prawn Antennae, which is rare but worth four points. After farming that mission a few times you should have enough to get a high enough percentage for the Fubuki Remodel. Fubuki upgrades into Suiton Shuriken and can’t be upgraded past there.

We are upgrading more weapons so check back soon for more Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Guides.

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