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How To Remodel The Onikiri Quickly In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

The Onikiri is the second level Katana you can get in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. In order to reach the point you need to remodel it you have to get it to 50% Fire Resistance. Check out this guide to find out How To Remodel The Onikiri Quickly In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

How To Upgrade The Onikiri Quickly In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

The Onikiri needs to be upgraded to 50 Fire resistance before you get it to level 30. To do this you need to farm three items and put them on. Thankfully, they can all be found on the same mission. If possible you will want to get a food buff that increases item drop rate just to speed things up. Go to the Mission Hunters’ Hideaway, which is a level 3 quest. here you will face Bombs, Flans and a giant armor monster at the end. The bombs will drop Bomb Fragments, Grenade Fragmenta and Flame Shards if you are lucky. The Bomb Fragments are common and increase the resistance by one point, Grenade Fragments increase it by two points and the Flame Shards increase it by a whopping seven points. Farming this a few times will have you more than enough materials to upgrade the Onikiri to the Ashura with some levels to spare for bonus stats.

We are upgrading more weapons so be sure to check back soon for more Final Fantasy XV: Comrades guides.

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