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How To Remove Statues In Dark Souls 2

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You can remove the statues that are blocking your way in Dark Souls 2 by use of The Fragrant Brand of Yore. This is an item you can use once to bring a statue to life to either kill it or sometimes interact with it in other ways.

Fragrant Brand Of Yore Locations

The Harvest Mills

  • In the first mist pool you come across you can kill the big beast Dark Orb hurling beast to find a small cave behind him containing a Fragrant Brand of Yore. This Brand is the easiest to attain.

  • At the Mines bone fire take a left into the open space and then take a left again, you will see one of those big Dark Orb hurling beasts, but before you reach him you should take a right. You will find yourself in a small area with four Crescent wielding Butchers. Dispose of them and knock down the wood on all the little enclaves. You will find a path leading to a Fragrant Brand of Yore on the second upper enclave from the right.

Sinners’ Rise

  • Defeat the Sinner and find it in a chest on your way to a primal bonfire

Shaded Woods

  • If you walk straight away from the Shaded Ruins bonfire and go up, then take a right you will find a Lion statue, use a Fragrant Brand of Yore to turn him back alive. The chest he was guarding will contain a Fragrant Brand of Yore and some other loot.

  • If you purchased the Ring of Whispers from the catlady, you may speak to the Scorpion man in The Shaded Ruins and after exhausting his dialoque he will grant you a Fragrant Branch of Yore, a new gesture and a very potent ring.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora

  • After defeating the Spider Boss

Iron Keep

  • You can buy a Fragrant Branch of Yore from a vendor that is located in a room to the right as soon as you enter the Iron Keep.

The Gutter

  • You will find a Branch of Yore as you enter The Gutter behind the heart shaped vases.

Blocking Statue Locations

Dark Souls 2 ragrant Brand of Yore Locations


  • This statue will block the way to the Shaded Woods and can be found by going left immediately upon entering Mejula. Once unpetrified she will be able to teach you Pyromancy.

The Lost Bastille

  • Just before you make it to Sinner’s retreat you will find a bonfire blocked off by a statue of a mage trainer who can also trade your boss souls in for unique weapons.

Shaded Woods

  • If you walk straight away from the Shaded Ruins bonfire and go up, then take a right you will find a Lion statue

  • If you jump down one of the windows from the Shaded Ruins bonfire you will be able to see another stone lion. You may choose to unpetrify him, but this one is not mandatory as you can get to both sides of him without wasting a Fragrant Branch of Yore.

  • If you managed to escape the basilisk pit trap in the Shaded Ruins you will encounter another Lion statue. Kill him to retrieve a Fang Key, that you may use to open the door in the basilisk pit.


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  1. There is another Fragrant Branch of Yore located in the Shaded Woods going out and to the left of the Shaded Ruins bonfire. There you will find a scorpion-man who refers the the areas boss, Scorpioness Najka, as his ‘better half’. Speak to him before the boss fight to recieve NPC help with the battle, OR speak to him after the battle to receive a Fragrant Branch of Yore. You must have a Ring of Whispers equipped to talk with him, which can be obtained from the cat in Majula

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