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Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe Combination Guide

Stumbled across a Portable Safe item in Resident Evil 2? This Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe Combination Guide will tell you how to solve these basic puzzles so you can claim the items within, which lead to some powerful weapons to add to your arsenal.

Unlike many of the other puzzles in Resident Evil 2, the Portable Safe combinations are random. This means they are different each playthrough and will not be the same as any other. While this makes it impossible to give an exact solution, they are relatively simple to solve.

Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe Combination Guide

There are multiple ways of coming up with the solution but the best I’ve found is to press each button, simple enough eh? Examine the Portable Safe inside your inventory and you will be able to push any one of the 8 buttons on the display. There are two main things to focus on here. Firstly, you will notice small yellow triangles or arrows around the lights at the top. This represents the direction the buttons must be pushed.

Resident Evil 2 Portable Safe Combination Guide Arrows

As you can see from the image above, the yellow icons are pointing in an anti-clockwise direction. In order for me to continue to solve the puzzle, I must press the button that corresponds with the next light that’s sitting at around the 5’o clock mark.

You can start from any light, as long as you follow the direction featured, you can solve the puzzle. If you have trouble remembering, press one button and then right down that button as first. Then press other buttons until the next light shows, repeat until you have them all then put them in order.

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