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Resident Evil 6 Guide: Chris Chapter 1 Guide

Resident Evil 6 Guide: Chris Chapter 1 Guide

Resident Evil 6 has had a lot to prove with gamers. Racoon City left a bad taste in all of our mouths but Resident Evil 6 marks a brand new start. These Resident Evil 6 Chapter guides will go over all of the different Resident Evil 6 Collectibles, Pick-Ups, Large Skill Tokens as well as all of the Serpent Emblem locations in Resident Evil 6. This Chris Chapter 1 Resident Evil 6 Guide will go over the first chapter of Chris’s Campaign. We also have a video guide available for those of you who would like to watch a Resident Evil 6 playthrough that will be posted bellow and on our YouTube page. Lets Get Started!

Resident Evil 6 Chris Chapter 1 Guide

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 1
The first chapter of Chris’s campaign opens up with a cut scene and a broken down, drunk, Chris Redfield. After talking with Piers for a minute or two he says that the BSAA needs his expertise again. The actual campaign section opens on a helecopter. Press the partner action button to go down the rope and on to a roof top. Turn around and head down some stairs. Make your way through the building and down onto the streets.

After opening the door to the streets you a camera crew and a news man will stop you to ask questions. Just keep moving forward and Chris will push through the camera. Make your way through the streets. People will be running all around you but they are civilians. An RPG will blow up a car and direct you to a partner door.

Make your way through the partner door and head up the stairs. To the left of the stairs is some boxes you can break for items. Also in this room is a Serpent Emblem. Make sure to grab that on your way through. Continue through two doors. An explosion will knock you off your feet. Jump down a ledge and you will see your first enemy a J’avo run away.

Continue down the ally making a couple of turns here and there. Eventually you will make it to a partner action door. One of the guys will shoot a J’avo in the head and it will regenerate. Take out the enemy with melee attacks and make sure to take out their head. Make your way to the right by a burning truck. From here you can see a street you need to go down. A J’avo will blow up a helicopter with a RPG and cause it to hit a building and explode. Move forward to another partner door.

Now you will be in another ally way. Make your way through the small ally to another partner door. There will be enemies right behind the door that will attack. Find cover by aiming your gun and pressing action against a surface. Use quick fires to make your enemies stumble. To do a quick fire press the aim and fire button at the same time. Continue through the building and kill a couple of enemies through the next door.

Move into the next building and there will be a building with a door. The door will open up into a very small ally with a partner door. Open the partner door and you will be in a room with some item boxes. Move on to the next door and a J’avo will kill one of your squad mates. Make your way through the ally and kill J’avo’s as they pop up. Again quick fires are very helpful especialy against enemies 1 on 1. J’ave will continue to come out, but if you are patient you will always get them 1 on 1. Look around the ally for skill points and item boxes before you hit the partner door.

Mutating J’avo

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 2
A cut scene will be triggered. Piers will shoot a J’avo in the arm to free a squad mate. Then the J’ave wil mutate and get a shield. Enemies are invulnerable while they mutate so don’t waste bullets on them. Also a lot of the times the mutation is bullet proof so shoot other parts of the body. Quick shots will still make enemies stumble most of the time so they are a safe bet. After taking out the other enemies in this room make your way through the door.

Jump down the ledge and break some item boxes for ammo or points and hit the partner door. This ally has a few J’avo. Take cover behind a box. A well timed grenade will take out a bunch of these enemies. Shoot the rest of them are left and move forward. A room on the right will open up with three enemies. Take them out and make sure to check out the newly opened room. THere is some boxes that can be broken to pick up some items or skill points. After the room make your way through the ally to the next door.

The room through the door has some more item boxes and a Serpent Emblem in the corner. Grab those and head up stairs. Moving through a couple of doors will open into a room with three enemies. Take out the enemies and walk up the stairs a mutated J’avo will run out of a small room. THe room has a couple of item boxes so make sure to grab the items. Make your way through the door and another J’avo will pop out of a room with more item boxes. After clearing this area make your way through the partner door.

You will then be given the objective to get to the roof. THere is some item boxes immediately to the left. Make your way up the stairs and kill a couple of J’avo around. You will then trigger a cut scene on a roof that tells you about some hostages in a building. Kill all the J’avo that pop out. After taking them all out make sure to turn around and look at the top of a construction building to grab the Serpent Emblem that is on top of a pole. It’s kind of hard to hit with Chris but it can be done.

Make your way along the roof tops killing J’avo along the way. Make sure to pick up ammo when you can because you will need it. Also keep an eye out for item boxes. After going up a big ladder you will trigger a fight on the roof tops. Try not to take out the legs of enemies because it will spawn flying J’avo that are a pain in the ass to kill. After killing all of the enmies you will be at a rope that you can slide down. Part of the way through the slide an RPG will break the line. Hammer on the prompted button while your partner covers you to go across a pipe to the next ledge.

Head up the ladder and brek some item boxes. Make your way along the roof tops to join Piers. J’avo will pop out every once and a while so make sure to go kind of slow. Eventually you will come to a section with a bunch of flying J’avo that you need to take out. Take them out and make your way back to Piers across some planks.

Now make your way across some more rooftops. J’avo will pop out all over the place. Take you time moving slowly and take them out. There is some mutated J’avo around so watch out for their arm.

Move your way up a large ladder. Do not shoot any of the orange barrels in this area, because you will need them very shortly. Go to the door that is highlighted by the objective marker and break all of the ammo boxes in the area. There is a fight that is about to break out and you will need it.

Hold out against the J’avo

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 3
A bright light will turn on and alert a bunch of enemies. The BSAA informs you that they are sending reinforcments but you will have to hold out until they show up. Waves of the J’avo will rush out and towards you. If you didn’t shoot the red barrels you will have a lot easier time. Shoot the Red barrels when a group of J’avo are around them to take out groups of enemies at a time. Also if you haven’t used your grenades now is a good time. Try to take out the enemies efficiently in the beginning and then you should be able to attack a lot of them 1 on 1 after the groups are gone. The BSAA will arive and help you mop up the rest of the baddies and you can move on to the building with the hostages.

Hostage Situation

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 4
After opening a door you will be in a stairwell. Go down one level and there will be a TON of J’avo. Take your time and make through these tight coridors slowly. It is very easy to be flanked by the enemy, but is also easy to flank a ton of enemies along the way while they are shooting at your teammates. Use the cover system to help you out. Eventually your team will yell “clear” and that’s when you know the enemies are all dead. After it is clear run around the room to break all the ammo boxes and get stocked up.

Make your way down to the 7th floor were the hostages are. There will be an item box as soon as you open a door. After making your way through a couple of rooms you will be greeted by more enemies and eventually a new horror. J’avo have mutated to be spider like and can crawl on the ceiling. If you run out of the room you will have an easier time taking them out while they try to get through the door. Again break all the ammo boxes you come along.

After killing the first room of spider J’avo you will trigger a cut scene by a partner action door. The spider J’avo will run awway with the hostages. They are annoying to kill but take your time and shoot them while they run around. The first hostage spider will stay on the 7th floor. They can’t hurt you so take out all of the other enemies first. After securing the first hostage you will have to go back up to the floor you came from. A new set of spider J’avo have appeared and will have to be dealt with. Again the hostage spider can’t hurt you so focus on the other enemies first. Grab the second hostage and then move down to the 6th floor.

The 6th floor has some good collectibles. One of the butcher like areas has a Serpent Emblem that can be shot. Right behind that room is a chest with a skill token worth 2,000 skill points. Grab both of these before joining Piers at the elevator doors. Also make sure to break all of the item crates for more skill points and ammo.

Elevator to Hell

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 5
The elevator will get stopped. Use a partner action to get Piers through the ceiling. After exiting the elevator there will be a J’avo with a rocket launcher. Make sure to take him out before doing anything else. I didn’t and died the first time.Just look directly above the elevator doors to find him. Smash the ammo boxes and get a grenade ready.

Toss the grenade in through the open doors. A well placed grenade should be able to take out 4 J’avo. Another big group of them will run out. Toss another grenade to take out a decent amount of them. Make your way through the outsides of the room and there will be areas that you can take cover in or grab ammo. After clearing the room make sure to take an extra sweep to find ammo and skill points. There should be a bunch laying around.

Make your way through the door and you wil lgo down another flight of stairs. The second story has a couple of laders in the middle. Make your way around the room breaking all of the item boxes for more health pick ups and ammo and 5,000 point skill token. After you pick up everything kill the enemy overlooking a hostage. You will drop down and an enemy will grab a hostage. Take your time and pop him in the head when it is clear of the hostage’s face.

Finishing Up

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 1 Guide 6
Bombing is about to start on the building. Make your way through the building to escape. They make it seem like it is timed, but it doesn’t really effect anything. Just make your way around the obstacles and you can take your time to kill a couple enemies here and there. There will be a couple of quick time events here in there that you will have to nail. Make it to the exit and hit the partner button to finish out the chapter. At the end there will be a cut scene with some of the men in a weird goo cocoon. You will learn what those are later in the game.

That will end our Resident Evil 6 Chris Chapter 1 Guide. We will be guiding the full game so make sure to check out Gamers Heroes often. We will be linking all of our guides together soon in this area so check back shortly and we will have the links to guide you through the whole game! If you need more guidance in the Chapter 1 Serpent Emblem locations you can check out our guide here.

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