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Resident Evil 6 Guide: Chris Chapter 3 Guide

Resident Evil 6 has had a lot to prove with gamers. Racoon City left a bad taste in all of our mouths but Resident Evil 6 marks a brand new start. These Resident Evil 6 Chapter guides will go over all of the different Resident Evil 6 Collectibles, Pick-Ups, Large Skill Tokens as well as all of the Serpent Emblem locations in Resident Evil 6. This Chris Chapter 3 Resident Evil 6 Guide will go over the third chapter of Chris’s Campaign. We also have a video guide available for those of you who would like to watch a Resident Evil 6 playthrough that will be posted bellow and on our YouTube page. Lets Get Started!

Resident Evil 6 Chris Chapter 3 Guide

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 1
Chapter 3 is really just a big chase for Ada Wong. Chris wakes up in a rage over what happened to his men. The chapter will open with Chris and Piers leaving a burning City Hall. Very early after you drop down the ledge a large invisible snake will eat one of your men. Make your way through the ally and streets.

You will come across a playground after a couple of allies. Right after the playground(after the partner door) you will be on a street. In the back left corner is the first Serpent Emblem. It will be sitting on a couple of boxes. Make your way up the ladder.

Dropping down into the ally you will be at a partner door. This is where things start to get a little weird. J’avo will start to appear in the next room. Use quick shots and melees to take down enemies without using to much ammo. Make your way up the next set of ladders. The second ladder will be a kind of trap with two mutated J’avo appearing. Chris will jump off automatically to take care of them.

Moving up the ladder you will come to a room with 3 or 4 J’avo in them. They will mutate even if you take their head out, but just be patient and take them out. Moving into the back part of the room there will be another 3 J’avo. Same thing, they will probably mutate, but just shoot them where they are not mutated and you will be fine. After clearing the whole room you will come to a room with item boxes and a partner door. Smash the boxes and move on.

Help Jake & Sherry | Destroying the Copter

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 2
The door will open up to a courtyard with an attack helicopter and a ton of J’avo. Make your way along the walkway to a roof top. From the roof top you will have the best angle for taking out all of the J’avo. A lot of the enemies will mutate into a grasshopper looking enemy called the Noga-Skakanje. They will jump all over the place including on top of the helicopter so be very careful.

Take all of the enemies out and watch your back. Eventually the game will highlight the last few J’avo left. After taking out the last enemy the helicopter will fire a missile that opens up a path for Jake and sherry. There will also be a door that you will be able to move on to. Hit the partner action button and move on into the next room.

Move up the stairs and to the next ladder. There will be a bunch of item crates to break. Then jump across the roof to the next door. Before going up the ladder after the partner section, make sure you contue strait. There will be a weapon icon strait in front of you. Run over to this icon to unlock a grenade launcher in Resident Evil 6 for Chris. The grenade launcher will be a very helpful gun this level so make sure to pick it up.

The attack helicopter will come back to do what it name suggests, attack you. Make your way around the small courtyard you are in after picking up the grenade launcher. J’avo will pop out that are easy to take out. Make sure to stay on different levels than the helicopter. If it is hovering over the roofs, stay in the walkway parts. If it is lower on the map head up to the roofs. Fire some grenades into the helicopter. Putting around 10 grenades into the copter will bring it down. Try to be careful with your aim. Having extra grenades for your launcher on hand will be helpful for the snake boss later.

Hunting The Giant Snake

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 3
The giant snake in Resident Evil is called the Iluzija. This section of the guide will go over how to kill the invisible snake in Resident Evil 6. Moving through the partner door after taking out the attack helicopter will put you in a building that will be Iluzija’s home and grave. Moving through a lot of this building the giant snake will grab Chris’s men one by one.

There will be some item boxes and a Serpent Emblem in the back of the first area directly in front of you as you leave the hallway connected to the partner door. You should be able to see some bunk beds. On one of the bunk beds will be the Serpent Emblem resting like a pillow would. Grab the Emblem and move on.

The next couple of sections will be jump scares with Iluzija jumping out and grabbing men. Don’t waste your ammo on these brief interactions. You won’t actually damage the snake and will just be giving away free bullets. Move through the sections until you are forced to drop down a hole after the snake actually drops one of your men alive. You will be removed from your party when repelling down a rope. Make sure to pick up item boxes and ammo along the way.

After you rejoin your group you will have the snake cornered in a room and the boss battle will begin after you drop down a ledge and open a partner door. The best weapon to kill the Iluzija with is the 12 gauge shotgun. Make your way into the corner of a room and face the room. If you are in a corner the snake can’t sneak up from behind you. Scan from left to right with your shotgun at the ready. Your laser sight will actually point out where the snake is. The mouth is the weak spot so keep an eye out. If you have a good surround sound or headphones you should be able to hear what side the snake is coming from. Pop the snake once or twice in the body and it will show it’s mouth to attack you. Put a shotgun round right in it’s mouth. Rinse and repeat a couple of times and the snake will go into a vent duct area.

Go over the duct and crawl in. Get your gun ready because the snake will try to attack you in here once. Again shoot it in the mouth area and it will back off. It only attacked me once in the duct very early so once that happens you can move forward quickly.

Again you come to another room where the boss battle continues. The snake will grab you and initiate a QTE. Rotate the stick to break free. After getting free again head to a corner of the room. Do the same thing as the room before that. Put some rounds into the body and then into the mouth. Eventually you will hear chris say that the snake is gone. Smash all of the item boxes and move to the next room.

Same thing in this room. Head for a corner and cover yourself. Put some shots into the body and unload when you see it’s mouth. After a couple rounds of that the snake will bus through the side door opening a new area with a ladder and a door to go through.

Head through the partner door and the snake will knock you into a weird crease area. Make your way through this area to a ladder to get topside. The snakes skin has hardened for some reason and your weapons won’t do any damage so don’t waste ammo. Head over to an electric switch on the topside once you make it up the ladder. What you want to do is hit the switch as soon as the snake slithers by. Chris will give you an audio cue when the snake is in the right spot. You should also get an action button prompt when you need to pull the switch. Pull it at the right time and you will kill the Iluzija snake for good.

Tracking Ada Wonge

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 4
Make your way back to your team mate Marco. He will pull you up so you can kee moving forward. Pick up the red herb next to where Marco pulls you up. Make your way down the hallway to the partner door. Moving therough the door will trigger a cut scene and Ada will turn Marco into a Gnezdo, or a swarm of bugs. The scary part of this enemy is the swarms of bugs that will knock you down. However the main part to damage is actually the big flying beetle thing that pops out of the women like swarm. Melee or shoot the crap out of the fat bug to move on to the next section. Before you hit the partner door though make sure to pick up all of the skill points and ammo that should be in item boxes.

Leaving the building you will be put into a section of boats on water. Make your way through these areas slowly. J’avo will pop out of every corner. Use the cover that is posted along the way to shoot from. Snipers can do damage do you pretty quickly so as soon as you see that red light get down and fire from cover when you can.

Keep moving along the Chinese boats and some grasshopper J’avo will show up. For some reason they have sniper rifles so grab some cover along a metal, yellow and black, caution piece. Take out all of the J’avo you can and be careful to not move to quickly. Snipers aiming behind you is not a good thing. A big Napad will jump down and hatch here and there. Use a grenade to pop their hard outer coating off and then finish them off by putting some bullets into the soft parts. Pick up the large tokens that they drop for big unlocks. Continue jumping along boats and breaking item crates until you reach the partner green door.

Ada will be on a jet ski and an Attack Helicopter will start shooting at you. Hold down the action button and run like mad. Even when enemies drop in your face just keep running strait. This section is a little annoying and you will probably have to do it a couple of times, but just keep going forward until you reach the brightly lit red building that says “SEA FOOD” on the top. Before leaving the bottom floor, now that your safe, turn around and look for a green building. There should be a Serpent Emblem hanging off of a building that is over the water.

After grabbing the Serpent Emblem make you way up stairs. You will now have to take out the attack helicopter. Just like before you need to put some grenades into it. There is a small dining area that has grenade launcher ammo that will come in handy. When the attack helicopter starts firing it’s machine guns run inside the dining area and it should take out most of the J’avo rushing you. Finish off the couple extra and then hit the helicopter whenever you have a free second or two. Eventually the helicopter will blow up and you can move onto the next section.

Moving along more boat walkways will lead to more J’avo. take them out efficiently and then keep moving. Right before a door a bunch of J’avo will jump down. If you have an extra grenade or two, or can shoot the explosive barrel that is on the level above, you can take out a bunch of them at once. Check out the chest before going up the ladder for a 4,000 skill point token. Make your way up the ladder and then through a partner door to get to the next area.

Medical Research Center

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 5
You will be inside a medical research center. Piers suggests that this center is where they are developing the C-Virus. Head towards an elevator and Ada will activate the security lasers. Duck underneath the by running and pressing aim button to slide. There will be glowing columns on both sides of the door towards the elevator. Pull the fire button to break these pieces and disable the lasers. You will be able to get into the elevator and move to the next area.

Run up the stairs and break all of the item boxes before opening up the partner door, you will need the ammo. In the next room little creatures will will run across the floor. Piers will have to hack a small control panel while Chris protects him. Shoot the little rumba like things to make them go the opposite way they are traveling. The shotgun was the easiest gun to redirect the little buggers for me. Break all of the item boxes and move on to chasing Ada.

Ada will take off across the warehouse. Chase after her and follow the red dot. Eventually you will corner her. There will be an intense cut scene between Chris and Leon. Ada will toss a flash bang grenade and run off.

Car Chase

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 3 Guide 6
The last section of the game will be an on rails shooter. Both characters, Piers and Chris, will take a turn at the wheel while the other one drives. It’s a basic follow and shoot gig for about 10 minutes. The only really interesting section of this part of the level is there is a Serpent Emblem hidden in car parking garage. You will be stopped by a bunch of J’avo in cars shooting at you. Look in the window of the bus behind the line of J’avo cars and you should be able to grab it pretty easy. Continue chasing Ada until you both crash into a hanger and that will trigger the final cut scene.

That will end our Resident Evil 6 Chris Chapter 3 Guide. We will be guiding the full game so make sure to check out Gamers Heroes often. We will be linking all of our guides together soon in this area so check back shortly and we will have the links to guide you through the whole game! If you need more guidance in the Chapter 1 Serpent Emblem locations you can check out our guide here.

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