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Resident Evil 6 Guide: Jake Chapter 1 Guide

Resident Evil 6 Guide Chris Chapter 4 Guide
Resident Evil 6 has had a lot to prove with gamers. Racoon City left a bad taste in all of our mouths but Resident Evil 6 marks a brand new start. These Resident Evil 6 Chapter guides will go over all of the different Resident Evil 6 Collectibles, Pick-Ups, Large Skill Tokens as well as all of the Serpent Emblem locations in Resident Evil 6. This Jake Chapter 1 Guide will go over the first chapter of Chris’s Campaign which takes place in in a war torn Europe. The level is capped off with a boss that can be beat pretty easily if you take your time and use the environment. We also have the video guide available for those of you who would like to watch a Resident Evil 6 playthrough on our YouTube page. Lets Get Started!

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