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Resident Evil 6 Guide: Prelude Guide

Resident Evil 6 has had a lot to prove with gamers. Racoon City left a bad taste in all of our mouths but Resident Evil 6 marks a brand new start. These Resident Evil 6 Chapter guides will go over all of the different Resident Evil 6 Collectibles, Pick-Ups, Large Skill Tokens as well as all of the Serpent Emblem locations in Resident Evil 6. This Prelude Guide for Resident Evil 6 will go over the beginning of the game and what to expect from Resident Evil this time around. We also have a video guide available for those of you who would like to watch a Resident Evil 6 playthrough that will be posted bellow and on our YouTube page. Lets Get Started!

Resident Evil 6 Prelude Guide

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The game starts with an explosion and Leon being thrown against a car. You will see people fighting and gun shots all around. You will be prompted to grab your partner and look around with the right stick. Mash on the button quickly to get as much out of the way as you can.

Continue dragging your partner through some of the junk. Most of this section is scripted so you don’t have to do much. Just keep moving forward. Use the partner button to pick up your partner after she falls down and continue forward. The first door will be locked and you will have to do a couple of promoted button presses and some QTE(Quick Time Events) to get through the door.

wmplayer-2012-10-02-18-30-15-73-300x168After getting through the door you will get a little bit more control. Move through the room and crawl under the crawl space. Leon will say it is time to take a break. Go to the driver side of the car and you will see a dead soldier and an herb plant. Hit the prompted button and you will be able to bust the window open and grab the herb. After grabbing the plant make your way back to Helena. Mix up the pills and plant you just picked up so you can give it to Helena.

After you hit the button prompt a zombie soldier will come out from behind you. Pop him in the head a couple of times and then you will be in a struggle. Hit all of the QTE buttons. When the prompt comes up that looks like a stick moving back in forth, just move it in circles, believe me, it’s easier.

After your struggle you will heal Helena. and move on to the next section. Head through the door and down a stairwell. It’s all clear until you get to the street so feel free to run. One you are in the street it gets a little dicey. Try to make your way through the zombies. You can fire off Quick shots in Resident Evil 6 by hitting both the triggers that will stagger your enemies. This tactic will save ammo and open enemies up to melee attacks.

A Helicopter will fall and catch on fire. Now one of the annoying running scenes will be happening. Pretty much just hold down and hold A so that you keep running away from the explosion. Once the perspective changes do the same thing except going forward and jump onto the helicopter.

The helicopter scene is a bunch of QTE’s. Hit the buttons when you are promoted to. A zombie will grab on to you partner and then more QTE’s will pop up. After a little bit more time in the helicopter you will crash. Make your way through the door way to a coliseum looking structure. After jumping off the balcony you will trigger the end of the prelude with a small cut scene.

That will end our Resident Evil 6 Prelude Guide. I hope you got all the information you needed form this specific chapter. If you do need anymore help feel free to comment in the comments section. Even if you didn’t need help, and just wanted to say hey, do it there! We will have a full collection of our Resident Evil 6 Guides very soon so keep it locked on Gamers Heroes!

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