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Resident Evil 6 Guide: Simmons Boss Guide

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Simmons is the main boss in the Leon campaign. He gets betrayed and ends up getting infected as well and turning into a giant monster. This boss guide will help you beat him with no problems at all. So let’s get started!

Chapter 4 Simmons Boss Guide


Simmons Boss GuideIf you need ammo it is scattered all over the train on top and inside.

When the fight starts Simmons will be right in front of you. I used my shotgun and shot him in the face 4 times and a cut scene played.

After the cut scene you are in the train and Simmons is right in front of you again. This time turn around and urn to the back of the train. When he gets to another car he will jump through the top and go on the roof. From there he will go to the other side of the train and break that roof. While he is breaking the other roof you should jump on the roof yourself and get ready to fight him.

The main idea is simple just attack from the front and back. You need to hit Simmons a few times so he goes off to the side of the train. While he is on the side of the train run past and wait for him to come back up. Now you should be able to shoot him in the front while your partner shoots him in the back and vice versa.

Keep shooting him until he turns back into a human. Shoot him again and he will drop to his knees. Go up and melee him while he is down for some extra damage.
After you do enough damage he will start to get up. This is a great time to plant a remote explosive. Once he is fully up and moving again go ahead and blow him up. Keep up the pressure and you will beat this stage easily.

Once you do enough damage a cut scene will start and Leon will get tossed to another train car. From there he will have to run from Simmons. Once you out run him you will jump to the next train and a quick time event will start(X PS3, A 360). The train breaks and you fall in and he starts shooting from his new mutated body.

When he starts to glow he is about to shoot his projectiles at you. Just stay behind cover and shoot him to beat this part. I used the shotgun so I was able to stop him from shooting at me to much. If you play it slow he will break your cover with bullet fire or he will run up and smash part of the train off. If you got some magnum or shotgun ammo you should use it here.

Once you do enough damage he will run and break his way into the train. You will have a quick time event (PS3 X, 360 A). Hit it and end up on top of the train. Now you get another cut scene where Simmons breaks a train. When you regain control you have to shoot Simmons. I used my magnum here since I wasn’t taking any chances. Once you hit him he falls and the train runs him over. Good job.

That will end the Resident Evil 6 Simmons Chapter 4 Boss Guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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