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Resident Evil 7 Weapon Location Guide

Resident Evil 7 Weapon Location Guide
Resident Evil 7 has quite a few different weapons for you to find. There are both melee and ranged weapons to be found throughout the game. Check out this Resident Evil 7 Weapon Location Guide to find them all.

Resident Evil 7 Weapon Locations

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Axe – This is given to you in your first fight. After you defeat the enemy, answer the phone and come back to get it again.

M19 Handgun – On the third floor of the Guest House, after you lower the stairs. Enter the first room on the right and you will find the gun, ammo and a heal item.

Pocket Knife – Can’t miss this, it is given to you as part of the story.

G17 Handgun – You can get this when you enter the garage for the first time, it is on the floor near the dead guy.

Shotgun – the shotgun can be seen early in the main house but you need to replace the weight to keep it. After you get the Scorpion Key, go into Grandmas room on the upper floors. There you can find a Broken Shotgun that can be used in place of the normal Shotgun so you can take it.

Broken Handgun – When you finally get outside you will find a trailer. Inside of the trailer, on the bed you can find the Broken Handgun. It says you will need a repair kit to fix it.

M19 Handgun The M19 can be acquired again by repairing the Broken Hand gun. If you need help finding the repair kit, we have a Repair Kit Location Guide here.

Magnum – You can buy the Magnum in the trailer for 9 Antique Coins. We have a guide for the Antique Coins here if you need help finding a few extras. It comes with one bullet and takes up two slots in your inventory.

Burner – It isn’t really missable because you need it to get through the Old House. One part can be found in the Water Station on the Old House Map and the other can be found right outside the Gallery in the Old House.

Grenade Launcher – You will need the Crow Key which you get from the Old House in order to get the Grenade Launcher. Head back to the Drawing Room inside the Main House on the first floor and open up the supply room, the launcher is inside.

P19 Machine Gun – This has to be acquired by Mia on the ship. You need to get the Captain’s Key in order to get the gun. First, go to the second floor and enter the Lounge. There are a bunch of paintings on the wall, the ones on the left have to match the ones on the right. Do the puzzle and grab the Corrosive from inside the safe. Next go to the bottom part of the bunks and open the door. Inside you can find the key inside a drawer. Finally head up to the fourth floor and enter the Captain’s room to find the Machine Gun.

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