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Resident Evil Village Workshop Lock Combination Guide

Resident Evil 8 Village Lock Combination Guide
There is a cupboard with a combination lock inside the Workshop in the village. This Resident Evil Village Workshop Lock Combination Guide will both tell you the combination of the lock as well as details on how to solve the puzzle for yourself, in case the required combination is variable on each playthrough.

After you escape the castle and return to the village, a few more areas open up to explore. One such area, just South of the Fallow Plot, is a Workshop with a Do Not Enter sign attached to the gate at the front. As we’re rebels to the core, we opened that do not enter gate, and looted everything we could find. Who wouldn’t?

Resident Evil 8 Village Lock Combination Guide

Resident Evil 8 Village Lock Combination Guide

Inside the building to your left as you enter, there is a cupboard. The cupboard is locked with a combination lock of 6 different numbers. The combination for the lock is 070408. If that doesn’t work or if you want to see the solution for yourself simply look at the cupboard and then turn to your right.

You will see a small window. Scratched into the center frame of the window, in yellow, is two numbers. If you look beyond the window, you will see some white numbers on the side of a building and a blue number on some fabric covering a machine of sorts. Change your perspective just right and you will get the order and numbers for the combination.

  • The combination locked drawer can be found inside a building in the Workshop area of the village
  • There is a new pistol inside as well as a Jack Handle
  • To find the combination look outside the window in the same room as the combination
  • Line up the numbers on the wall, window frame, and fabric to get the combination to the lock
  • For us the combination was 070408
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