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Resident Evil HD Remastered Guide: Key Location Guide

Resident Evil HD Remastered Guide: Key Location Guide
In Resident Evil Remastered you will be looking for various keys to open doors throughout the mansion. Some are easy to find and others will be hidden behind a puzzle or trap. This guide will help you find all the keys while you are playing the game, check it out!

Resident Evil Remastered Mansion Key Locations

Sword Key – To get this key you will need to get the arrowhead and the head to the cemetery behind the painting door. You can find the arrowhead on the second floor in the hall with all the spears and mirrors. Take the arrow out of the statue and examine the head to get the arrowhead. From there head back to the entrance of the mansion and take the door behind the painting. Use the arrowhead on the tombstone in the back to access some stairs. Take the stairs down and grab the book off the altar. Once you have the book check the back of it for your first key.

Armor Key – This one is a bit tricky to get. First you will need to get the Dog Whistle from the second floor, above the item box room where you found the kerosene flask. After you get the Dog Whistle head to balcony on the second floor, outside of the dining room. You will need to use an Old Key to open the door to access the balcony. The door can be found above the Item Box room with all the medical supplies inside. Once you are on the balcony use the whistle and kill the dogs. Loot the collar and inspect it to get a fake key.

Once you have the fake key you can go get the real key without being skewered. Go to the hallway with all the spears and mirrors and take the door that leads to the stairs. After you take the real key you will spring a trap. Use the fake key to stop the trap and you can move on.

Shield Key – You get this key after you do the piano part in the bar. Once the wall opens up in the bar use the emblem from inside the dining room to replace the golden once you take behind the wall. After that return to the dining room and put the golden emblem in above the fire. After that go to the clock and put the little hand on the armor and the big hand on the helmet to open up the area with the key.

Helmet Key – This is a little deeper in the game, after you go outside for a bit. Once you beat the Plant boss this will drop into the fireplace in that room. To gain access to the plant boss use the book you get from the bar on the bookshelf in room 003.

Old Key 1 – You can find one old key near the type writer in the first floor Item Box room.

Old Key 2 – You can find a second old key in a bathtub after you pull the plug. The bathtub is is in the bathroom on the first floor, past the room where the dogs jump through the window at you. Once you pull the plug be ready for a zombie.

Old Key 3 – You can find another old key in the kitchen in the basement of the mansion. Go to where you first encounter a zombie and at the end of the hall take the steps down. You need the Sword Key to open the door at the bottom.

Old Key 4 – This is one the second floor of the mansion, above the Item Box room where you found the kerosene flask. You will need the armor key to open the door on the second floor. Take the door near the three pictures and inside you can find this key on the desk.

Old Key 5 – You can find this key on the first floor, through the armor key door near the Item Box room with the medical supplies. On your map it is the first room on the left once you are through the armor key door. Inside the room are two closests and if you open one up you can find the key inside.

Control Room Key – This is found inside a bathtub in the Residence area. The room is across from the Item Box room in that area.

Residence Key “Gallery” – You find this under the aqua ring after you drain the water. Try to grab it near the big shark and it falls into the water by him. Push the generator into the water then flip the switch to fry him so you can get the key.

Residence Key 003 – This is found inside the Gallery room in the residence. First grab the bug spray of the dead body in that room then head back into the hallway. Once in the hallway go to the back corner and remove the map on the wall to find a hole behind it. Use the bug spray there to clear out the bug nest so you can grab the key in the gallery.

Laboratory Key – This key is found pretty deep in the game. Once you enter the Lab you will have to do an X-ray puzzle to restore power to some of the doors. Use the computer in Lab B3 and enter the user name John and the password Ada. Once you try to unlock the doors use the password Cell to open the doors. While still on B3 go to the newly unlocked door and grab the slide inside. After that head up to B2 and use it on the unlocked door up there to get the code for inside there, it’s at the end of the slide.

I am updating as I go so check back soon for more!

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