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Resident Evil HD Remastered Guide: Weapon Location Guide

Resident Evil HD Remastered Guide: Weapon Location Guide

You won’t be surviving long in Resident Evil without finding some of the extra weapons. Most of them are hidden behind a minor puzzle or trap. This guide will help you find them all as you go along!

I played through with Chris first so I will add Jill next. If you know where any weapons are that Jill gets please leave a comment.

Chris’ Weapons

Handgun – You get this once you return to the entrance of the Mansion where you left Jill and Wesker. You can’t really miss this but be sure to equip it in the inventory screen.

Broken Shotgun – This is just used to get the normal shotgun. You can find it on the first floor of the mansion, near the item box room with all the medical supplies. You will need to use an old key to open the door to it.

Shotgun – You find this hanging on the wall in a room past the hall where the dogs jump through the windows. Once you take the shotgun down use the broken shotgun or you will be crushed when you try to escape.

Self-Defense Gun – This is sort of a mini magnum and it comes with one round when you find it. You will need the residence key to open the door to this room inside the residence area. The door is across from the room with the Item Box inside.

Assault Shotgun – This can be found on the B2 floor of the Aqua Ring, after you drain the water. Look for the shining on the floor next to the first flopping shark.

Magnum – The be all end all handgun in Resident Evil. You get this at the cemetery on the way to the Cabin. You should kill all the birds first because they just get in the way. Use the Wind Crest on the tombstone to the right and it will reveal 3 more crests. The Wind Seal is found in the room with the Dog Whistle, in the mansion. Grab the three crests and go to the other tombstone.

After you collect all the crests examine the back of them for buttons. After you do that go to the other tombstone and place them. The order on that tombstone is Moon, Star then Sun. Once they are all placed it will roll over and you can collect your magnum!

Flame Thrower – You find this after you go past the waterfall and down into the caves. Once you run into Enrico you will get a new crank that you can use in the cave. Use it and go through the door on the other side to find the Flamethrower. Be ready around the corner because a boulder will come chasing after you and you need to dodge.

Jill’s Weapons

Jill gets most of the same weapons but a few are in different spots.

Grenade Launcher – You get this one the second floor of the mansion through the door that leads to the dead STARS member on the balcony.

Assault Shotgun – During the Giant Snake boss you can get this after he takes out the guy holding it.

I am doing this as I go so check back soon for more updates!

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  1. you forgot Barrys Magnum Anaconda, which you can only get as Jill if you take it from him before the fight with Lisa.its a different weapon from the Magnum you find in the graveyard since it CAN NOT be reloaded with any ammo you’ll find in the game, 6 shots are all you get

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