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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Fast EXP Walkthrough

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Fast EXP Walkthrough

Doesn’t matter if you are playing online or offline in Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City(ORC) you will need to get EXP. EXP lets you unlock guns and abilities for your characters. This guide will help you get it very quickly. Let’s do it. If you know a quick way to get EXP leave a comment and I will give you the credit.

I will be doing an online version and offline version. You can pick which one you want but I think offline is quicker.

First off for the Resident Evil ORC Fast exp guide is offline part. Pick Spectre and get his passive ability to find items on the mini map. This will let you get more grenades and more monster kills. If you have three grenades and find a fourth you might as well toss one into a group of zombies for extra exp.

Second off look out for the ! on the mini map. These are pieces of data that are worth 50 exp each when you turn them into a laptop. They also unlock gallery art. They can only be collected one time I believe.

After beating the entire campaign which is fairly short you should be able to afford a good gun and any abilities you want.

Now for the online art of the Resident Evil ORC Fast exp guide. I also use Spectre online because you can easily find herbs, first aid spray, and grenades. The first two will help you stay alive and let you get more exp. Use the first aid spray on teammates for a bit of extra exp as well.

The grenades can knock down enemies which allows you to get on them and finish them off. Also just like offline if you have three and find an extra might as well use them on some monsters. The monsters are swarming towards the end of the game so be sure to get extra points before the game ends.

That will end the Resident Evil ORC Fast exp guide. If you know a faster way please leave a comment so we can all get to the max level ASAP.

On the next level? Check out our Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Intel/Data locations walkthrough guide for data and intel locations on a level by level basis.

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  1. While using using Specter with his item-finding passive ability, I have been farming EXP in the Corruption level, by simply playing through it repeatedly, farming all the intel and kills I can while also attempting to meet the “S” rating for speed. There is an added EXP bonus for getting higher ranks at the end of the level. I cannot confirm that any given piece of intel turned in to laptops gives Gallery images more than once, but I can confirm that the EXP bonuses to repeat.

  2. if u want fast EXP then what u should do is get your self a good gun and upgrade Vectors Camouflage Ability and his his Speed Passive Ability this will also be added to the character Willows ability for the online spec ops team ALSO incase those Characters are taken power up Lupo’s Super Soilder ability aswell as her Incinderary ammo and her armor and reload also powers up Dee-ah spec ops version of Lupo Passive abilities for her main ability it really depends on what kind of player you are defence or offence so yeah u should try this out online and its not the same thing over again with the campaign its diffrent and wont go boring so easily

  3. right now i am level 54,i dont play as much but i know a quick way to level up.first of all, go to the level “Corruption”,then play through it until you get to the part with the lickers.thats the part that helps you alot.so you kill as much as you can ,or kill them until they stop coming,then run into the fire and die.this makes you repeat the part when you fight the lickers.keep killing them and repeating foro a while,i usually do it around 10 times.then finish the level when you feel like you did enough.next thing you know.you got over 50,000 EXP!!!this helped me alot and i did it about twice and im already level 54.try this out and i hope i helped you out.i might not be good at explaining stuff,but if you understand,try this out. it will help (:

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