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Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Intel & Data Location Walkthrough Guide

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Intel & Data Location Walkthrough Guide
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City is the latest game in one of the biggest selling franchises of all time. This Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Intel & Data Location Walkthrough Guide will list all the available intel and data items level by level, making it easy for your to complete the game 100% and get all the necessary achievements.

Data & Intel Location Guides
Resident Evil ORC Intel/Data locations level 2
Resident Evil ORC Intel/Data locations level 3
Resident Evil ORC Data/Intel locations level 4

We will add more guides on a level by level basis as we complete them. Feel free to leave a comment if you’ve found one we’ve missed or you’re having trouble locating them.

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  1. Its not complete, alone in Level 4 there should be over 20, i found 19 once but i know there are always more than what you must have, so there must be more than 20 but certainly there are 20… We need an complete Location Guide, if possible a Text AND Video Location Guide, because else its almost impossible to get an S+ Rank, it must be possible to memorize each Location because in the hurry of the Battle no way to search, apart of that it needs to much Time…

    1. The guides are here for people that search for them straight away, before getting halfway through the game. As a result, we do miss some as we’re not perfect. We don’t get the game a week before release like the big sites, we have to wait until launch like everyone else 😀

  2. Sadly, we’ve decided to discontinue these guides. Johnny Hurricane and myself both tried playing the game, but it’s just so poorly done. We won’t be covering it any further.

  3. Well if anyone is up to the challenge of finding all the data packets they should start their conquest with Spectre for the simply fact that his 2nd passive ability will locate and reveal items to the player on the screen and mini map within a certain range depending on your level of said ability.

    That’s how I found most of mine, the only issue I have is with the mission time, and finding the odd key card for side rooms.

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