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Resident Evil ORC Intel/Data Locations Level 2

Resident Evil ORC Intel/Data Locations Level 2

The second level of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City(ORC) has you going through city hall to burn some umbrella files. Throughout the level you can find intel, data and the mascot. This location guide will help you get them as you go. So let’s get started.

Doing this as I go so I may miss some. If you find one I don’t let me know in the comments please. Also since the levels are not that big this is meant to be done one right after another.

Resident Evil ORC intel/data location guide – Start of level two instead of going to the objective go to through the other doorway. On the boxes in there is some data.

Intel/data location guide – After you first clear all the zombies more will bust through the next door. On a shelf in the room they are coming into is some data.

Intel/data location guide – After the cut scene with Nicholai check under the stairs and on the flipped desk for two pieces of data.

Intel/data location guide – Now head to the next marker and to the left of that will be more data.

Intel/data location guide – Before going through the objective door turn around and go to the left side of the room. In one of the smaller rooms you will see some data on a shelf. Grab it.

Intel/data location guide – Once you reach city hall you will finally face off with some waves of Spec ops. Kill them then go up the stairs for data. Go back down the stairs and to the other side of the area and on the ground near a bench you can find another piece of data.

Intel/data location guide – Once you finally make it to the security room you will need to override something to proceed. Before you do that check the room there are two pieces of data and the laptop intel so grab all of that before you go on.

Intel/data location guide – After the zombies break into the security room go out that door the came in and to the right. On the table there is some data.

Intel/data location guide – Resident Evil Raccoon City Mascot  as well – Go into the next area and the game will tell you how to attract zombies to enemies. Instead of going to the maker after you clear this room go to the other side. Open one of the doors to see some stairs. Up the stairs is the mascot and down the stairs is some data do both. After that go to the room next to it and inside there is some data.

Intel/data location guide – Once you get to the server room check on one of the desks for a piece of intel.

Intel/data location guide – Once you make it to the large room and you need to up the stairs some spec ops guys will come. At the top of the stairs you can go left or right. At the end of each path is a piece of data.

Intel/data location guide – Next you will have to burn some evidence. Next to some of that evidence you can find pieces of data so look out for that. Also you can shoot the trip mines.

Intel/data location guide –  Once you burn the papers and go into the next room check the left and right side for two pieces of data.

Intel/data location guide – Once you enter the licker room you can find tons of intel all around. It’s such a mess though that I didn’t have time to write it down so check around if you want it.

Intel/data location guide –  Finally after exiting the licker part you last objective is to escape. Right before you get to the door check the bench for a piece of intel then behind the counter for the typewriter. If you find three they give you bonus exp. I don’t know if this is all in one level or scattered.

Intel/data location guide – Assistance from  user Bryant – When you make it to the security room, there is two pieces of Intel on the desk near computers, and one in between on top of a filing cabinet.

When you clear the first room of zombies you encounter don’t proceed through the marked door, turn left and there is some Intel on the boxes.

After you clear the first two areas there is some luggage near some dead corpses there is some data there.


After that you can beat the level and move on. Check back soon for more guides!

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