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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Guide: Valuables Location Guide

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Guide: Valuables Location Guide
In Resident Evil Revelations 2 you will be looking for rare stones for BP in the skill store. Some will be in plain sight while others will be hidden throughout the levels. This guide will help you find all the valuables while you go through the game!

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Valuables Locations

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Claire Valuables

If you know one I missed please leave a comment so I can add it. I will update this as each new episode is out so check back again!

Ruby – The first Ruby is while you are going after the Key that fell down with the body. Once you make it to the doctors area, after the hallway with all the doors, you can find this in one of the desks in there. If you went into the Key room you went a little bit to far.

Sapphire – This is in another desk in the Doctor’s room.

Topaz – You can find this in the room right after you get the Shotgun. Use Moira to light up the shelves and it will be on of the shiny items.

Sapphire – You can find this on the ceiling in one of the open cells when you get to the second part of the prison, after the cut scene where the woman talks to you about fear and your bracelets.

Ruby – In the second area of the prison you will need to find a Cog Wheel in order to progress. You will find it under a Spike bed but you can’t get it yet. Use Moira to climb up the ladder and unlock the door near the upgrade bench so you and Claire can both go through the next door. Keep going until you find some more unlocked cells and in the second one use the flashlight to find the Ruby.

Topaz – After the room you found the last Ruby in you will enter another area where two monsters bust through a door. After you kill them go in the room they broke out of and use the flashlight on the shelf to find this.

Topaz – In the same area as the last Topaz you can see a hallway the gets blocked off at the end. Use the flashlight there for another Topaz.

Sapphire – After you place the Cog and all the enemies come out use the fire to cook them. After that check the cells with the light for a sapphire and some ammo. Do this BEFORE you try and open the door with the crowbar because after the enemies keep spawning.

Topaz – After the bridge to the Radio Tower you will end a building with an upgrade bench inside. There is a wooden box around the corner from that with a Topaz inside.

Barry Valuables

Topaz – After you enter the facility you will find out the Natalia can see the infected through walls. On the second floor, near the wooden box she can pick up, you can spot a Topaz on the bottom shelf with her by crouching.

Topaz – You can find another Topaz in the cells with Natalia once you make it there, the cells near the control room.

Ruby – After you make it to the Lumber Yard and see the new infected you can get this Ruby. Go to the small shed without a door and break the box there for the Ruby.

Ruby – There is a locked box in the Forest area that has a Ruby inside it. It is very dark in the Forest so I will try to lead you to it as best as I can. Towards the end of the forest there is a random set of stairs that would lead to a house, but there is no house. Use Natalia and you can see footprints on the floor. Follow those until you pass the log and then the rock. In the trees near there you can find the box, use Barry’s light to help you find it.

Topaz – In the house near where Barry starts talking about Uruboros you can find a Topaz. Go to the back dark corner and use Natalia to spot it underneath the shelf.

Topaz – You can find another one of these after you use the Firebomb on the two Uruboro infected. Use Natalia after you kill them and follow the footprints to another house. On the shelf up there you can find the Topez.

Ruby – Use Natalia at the table with the Empty Bottle and the Alcohol to find a Ruby on the ground.

Topazx2 – In the house with the generator you can find a Topaz with Natalia near the shelf. On the outside of the house you can break a box that also has one inside.

Ruby – Near the Crane controls you can break a box and inside you will find a Ruby.

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