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Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Guide

Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Guide

One of the more annoying puzzles in Resident Evil Village has you playing a piano in an attempt to get an item. Check out this Resident Evil Village piano puzzle guide to figure out how to get past that puzzle and progress. This way you aren’t just spamming buttons or looking for a specific item.

Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Guide

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Alright so the puzzle is pretty easy once you find out what to do. You need to click the piano keys which will put a orange pot on the music sheet. The orange dot needs to line up with the black dot on the sheet. Keep hitting the keys until you get in the right spot and then give it a second to register, it should move you to the next dot. The left keys are lower dots and the right keys are higher dots. So if you need to go lower, go left, higher go right.

It takes a bit of trial and error, but you should get it pretty quickly once you get the hang of it. Once you finish the puzzle, you will receive the Iron key so you can progress in the area. If you haven’t yet, go back up stairs and check the ceiling above one of the tables for a crystal. Shoot it down for some extra loot while you are here.

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