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Resident Evil Village Treasure Map Guide

Resident Evil Village Treasure Map Guide
During your stay at the castle in Resident Evil Village, you will run into a treasure map. Check out this Resident Evil Village treasure map guide to find the treasure without much trouble. This way you aren’t stumped for a long time wondering where to go.

Resident Evil Village Treasure Map Guide

Once you get the map, you will have to navigate your way back down to the dungeon. You can get their via the stairs in the first floor kitchen. Kill the enemies in the area and then open the door with the iron key you have. The chest inside will be barred off once you enter. You need to light both the dangling torches in the room to proceed.

There is cracked wall and a pipe bomb in the room, combine the two to blow a hole in the wall and reveal fire. You can also craft a mine and shoot the mine to blow the wall open. Now you will need to push the nearest torch to the fire and light it. I couldn’t push it myself, but a bullet pushed it right into the fire and lit it up.

When it resets, you need to shoot the unlit one so it hits the wall and starts to swing back. When the unlit one is coming back, shoot the lit one to push it into the unlit one. This will light both of them and remove the bars to reveal the treasure. You can combine the eye in there with the silver ring and get even more money out of it. This combines the two into a 12000$ ring.

  • Get treasure map
  • Go down to dungeon and use key
  • Blow up wall with pipe bomb or mine
  • Shoot unlit torch into lit torch to start it on fire
  • Shoot second unlit torch and wait for it to come back
  • Shoot the lit torch to time it to hit when the unlit one is coming back

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