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Resist Or Swear Fealty In Lost Ark

Another choice in the Lost Ark story has you potentially aligning yourself with demonic powers. This Resist Or Swear Fealty In Lost Ark guide will tell you the outcome of both decisions so you can decide which response you want your character to give.

During several parts of the main story in Lost Ark you’re given dialogue choices to make during key moments. To this point, none of the decisions have had a massive impact. The decision at the start, the outcome is the same regardless of your choice. Then, later, you can free a bandit captain from the jaws of a giant worm demon thing. Either way, let’s look at what happens with these two choices.

Resist Or Swear Fealty In Lost Ark

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If You Choose Resist
You tell Scherrit that you will resist and he doesn’t appear best pleased. After a small bit of dialogue he will attack you and you will start the boss fight against Scherrit.

If You Choose Swear Fealty
If you choose Swear Fealty your character approaches Scherrit as he prepares to welcome you to the dark side. However, it’s all a ploy. Your character gets close enough to deliver a powerful blow and sends Scherrit flying. The battle then begins and you must fight him.

Ultimately, much like the other choices in the game, the outcome here doesn’t seem to make any immediate or long-lasting impact. If something occurs later down the line in the story, we’ll be sure to update the guide with the appropriate information.

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