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Resistance 3 Beating The Widowmaker

Resistance 3 Beating The Widowmaker

After the run in with the Goliath in Resistance 3 you will end up ship wrecked. Shortly after that you will find a human drop ship you will want yo use. In order to do that you will need a power supply. After you finally get one you lose it to the Widowmaker and have to take her out. Follow this guide to do so.

The Widowmaker in Resistance 3 is a large Starship trooper looking alien. It isn’t to hard but it does have a few moves.

First thing you will have to avoid is her spit. It is easy to dodge just strafe left or right and don’t run into a wall and you should dodge it. That said when she spits it will create tiny bugs you have to either kill or dodge. In my opinion killing them is better because if they catch you they will slow you down.

The other move it does is try to slam on you. Keep moving and stay out from underneath it and you should be able to avoid it. If you get hit by this it does hurt.

Now to killing the Widowmaker in Resistance 3. It is fairly obvious where you need to shoot it. It has two giant red glowing sacks on its head that you need to kill. I tossed a Moltov at them and they both started on fire. I then unloaded with my Marksmen and they both popped.

Next it will have two more sacks on the left and right of it. You need to go down to ground level for this part. I couldn’t land a Moltov but I did get to tag it with my Bullseye. Watch for it to slam and once it does if you avoid it you should have an opportunity to fire on the weak spot. It can still spit at you so avoid that as well. Once they are dead it will have one last giant sack to destroy.

It will climb onto a building and you should see the sack underneath it. It started spitting more frequently at me but after I tagged that part and unloaded a few Bullseyes clips into it she died. Still at this part avoid the spit if you can because I seemed to be getting hit a lot more for this part.

That will end the Resistance 3 Widowmaker guide. Stay tuned for more boss guides.

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