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Resurrect Mayrina’s Husband Or Snap The Wand In Baldur’s Gate 3

After the hag dungeon, you have a choice. In this guide on Resurrect Mayrina’s Husband Or Snap The Wand In Baldur’s Gate 3 we’ll break down the different choices you can make during the conversation with Mayrina as there are a few different outcomes for this particular conversation.

There are multiple paths during this conversation. You can ignore the wand entirely and just mourn alongside Mayrina, this is likely the best outcome. The other outcomes are either you snap the wand and send Mayrina away angry or resurrect her husband. If you choose the latter, you then have another branching choice. You can either give the wand to Mayrina or you can keep it for yourself.

Resurrect Mayrina’s Husband Or Snap The Wand In Baldur’s Gate 3

If You Choose Point The Wand Towards The Coffin

If You Choose Snap The Wand In Two
Mayrina is distraught. She screams at you for snapping the wand and then runs away in tears.

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