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Throughout Rhythm Thief and the Emperor’s Treasure you will be on the lookout for sounds. These sounds can be used at the shop to help create the greatest instrument ever. The sounds are normally visible and must be clicked with the stylus to be unlocked. Let’s go make some noise.

During chapter one the game will introduce you to the two stores. One of these will get you movies with the coins you earn, and the other is the sound shop. The guy can be picky about his sounds but finding them all is the best way to go. He will ask for a fountain noise even when you have not been to fountain yet and so on. This is a work in progress and I will update it as I go.

If you know a sound I missed let me know in the comments and I will add it.

Tips FedoraSome sounds will be are required to make it through the main story so cannot be missed. Those will still be listed.

  • Sound 1 – Merry Go round – In Tuileries Graden there is an amusement park. Click the Merry Go round.
  • Sound 2 – Pigeons – At the Louvre you can see some pigeons on the ground. Click them to get the sound.
  • Sound 3 – Snore – Once you break into The Louvre you will have to go into the camera room. This requires you to get the snore sound from a guard. Go to the French Paintings area and click on the guard to get the sound.
  • Sound 4 – Fountain – This was the second sound requested at the shop for me. After you exit the Louvre go to the Place De la Concorde and click the fountain there.
  • Sound 5 – Bulldog – You need this sound to scare of a guard to get home. Once at the Place De la Concorde you can go left or right. Go right first and talk to the people there. Then go left and take the sound of the bulldog.I am pretty sure I got all the sounds in Chapter 1. If you know one I missed though let me know.

    Chapter 1 Sounds

    Looks like we got another lead for the story. On your way there though be sure to grab these sounds.

      • Sound 1 – Violin – I am not sure this one can be missed. When you are at your apartment click the Violin and get the sound.
      • Sound 2 – Chick – At Petit Pont there are some birds on the ground. Click them to get the chick sound.
      • Sound 3 – Cough – Once you arrive outside Notre Dame there is a preacher there. Talking to him gets you the cough sound.
      • Sound 4 – Fly – After the Notre Dame part head up to Rue Rambuteau. There is a fly near a fruit stand. click him to get the fly buzz noise.
      • Sound 5 – Horse – At Rue des Frances-Bourgeois there is a horse on the road. click the horse for the sound.
      • Sound 6 – Rattle – Talk to the lady in Rue des France-Bourgeois and she will ask for a rattle sound. Go down to Rue des Archives and click the rattle at the stand to get the sound.May have missed one in the police station because I guessed the correct door on the first try.

    Chapter 2 Sounds

    Rival Jump

    During this chapter you run into a familiar face and meet a rival. We still have to find sounds though!

      • Sound 1 – Rooster – You can find a rooster in a crate in the Market. This is used to wake up the teacher later.
      • Sound 2 – Ship – You can get the ship sound in The Seine. Click them ship.
      • Sound 3 – Bumblebee – Go to Les Invalides and click the flowers.
      • Sound 4 – Water drop – Once you are inside Les Invalides you will go underneath it for a breif time. You should see a dripping pipe. click it for the sound.
      • Sound 5 – Owl – Go to FDR station at night and you will see the owl. Click it for the sound.
      • Sound 6 – Sneeze – Go to FDR Ave at night. You will see a man. Click him to get the sneeze.
      • Sound 7 – Bus – Hit the Hotel de Cillon at night. Click the red bus.
      • Sound 8 – Cat – Go to Place Vendome and click the cat. This sound is needed for the instrument guy so head back there and see if you can finish up some of the instrument.
      • Sound 9 – Trash can – I might of missed this during the day but I got it at night. Go to the Constabulary back door and click the trash can.
      • Sound 10 – Bell – In the Sorbonne there is a bell. click the bell and get the sound.
      • Sound 11 = Police car – At the Rue Danielle Casanova there is a police car. click it for the sound.
      • Sound 12 – Phone – Once you get to the Paris Archives you will need to distract the librarian. In order to do this go to the right side of the room and get the phone sound. Use it on her to get to the door.

        Chapter 3 Sounds

        This is not a very long chapter so there are not many sounds.

        • Sound 1 – Harp -Once you are in the Paris Opera go to the Salon. In there you will see a harp. click it for the sound.
        • Sound 2 – Wine Bottle – After that head to the Membershall and click the wine bottle.
        • Sound 3 – Doorbell – This is found at the entrance to the Paris Opera. You need this to make the waiter remember.
        • Sound 4 – Ghost – Go to the entrance after the police arrive. You will now see a ghost. click it and go use it on the officer you need to get past.

          Chapter 4 Sounds

          Maria Violen
        • Time to go find Marie.
          • Sound 1 – Balloon – Go to Place Henri-Mandor and click on the balloon there. It will pop and you will get the sound.
          • Sound 2 – Petit Train – Once you switch maps head to Place Saint-Pierre and click on the train there. You will get the sound.
          • Sound 3 – Yawn – Go over to the librarian again and click her. She will give you the yawn sound.
          • Sound 4 – Lullaby – Once you need to get past the librarian just head outside and click the lady with the baby. You will get the lullaby and you can use it on the librarian.
          • Sound 5 – Alarm – Once you are back in the Louvre head to Venus de Milo and click on the bell. Now use that sound on the guard in the next room to get past him.
          • Sound 6 – Warning sound – After you use the alarm on the guard you will get this sound.Still going through this chapter. I will update it when I get more.Now that you have all sorts of different sounds you can help make the greatest instrument ever! I am not sure what the reward is but he claimed it would be epic so keep at it and keep going! If you are wondering when the next part will be up check back soon I will update it as I go!


          Chapter 5 Sounds

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