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Risen 3 Guide: Antigua Side Quest Guide

Risen 3 Guide: Antigua Side Quest Guide

Antigua is the pirate hide out in Risen 3 and you can get your first side quests there. After you clear out the town of enemies NPCs will come out and you can start questing. This guide will help you find and complete all the side quests in the area.

Antigua Side Quests

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Bring Ramon Into The Harbour Town – Talk to the knight near the fire when you first arrive in Antigua. Talk to him about the town then you will unlock this quest when you ask him to come with you. Kill the hounds outside the town then bring him inside and he will give you some gold.

Ramon The Guardian – After Ramon enters town talk to him about his crystals and tell him you will help him find them. Alvaraz has the first crystal, the second in on Butch in the Blood Oath square and the last is on Bill near the hill leading out of town. Return to Ramon and you get 200 gold.

Go Hunting With Zac – Another basic kill quest, beat some hounds and you win.

Magical Crystals In The Warehouse – After you save Flynn he will tell you to go upstairs and take items out of the chest up there. The chest can be found in the center near the burnt wood.

The Shadow Creatures In The Backcountry – Talk to Edward at the tavern and ask him what he is doing here. Keep talking to him until you tell him you can help him with his demons and you get the quest. Tell him you will follow him then follow him out of the city. Take out some demon warriors with him and you will complete the quest. After the quest talk to him and he will ask for a ride back to Calador. You can ask for gold or occasional help.

Lost At The Eastern Beach – Talk to Spencer in the tavern and he will tell you he is worried about Emma on the east beach. Follow the path all away around to the fire to find Emma and complete the quest.

Risen 3 Eastern Beach

Emma’s Hellswill – After you save Emma ask her how you can help her and you get this quest. Since you are already on the east beach just grab the mushrooms now. Then go to the graveyard and collect the bones from the ground. Return to Emma and you can complete the quest.

Pirate Problems – Right outside the town at the top of the hill you will find a pirate near a camp fire. Talk to him and he will want you to get his three items back from town. You can get his purse from Spencer in the tavern by stealing it, paying for it or persuading him to hand it over. The sword is on the second floor of Zak’s house and the heavy package is on the second floor of the warehouse. You need to leave the island and come back before the package appears. You lose the sword at this point so don’t complete it if you are using the sword. I took the gold and the rum so I’m not sure what you get from the socks reward.

The Treasure At The Port Of Antigua – You get this treasure map on the second floor of the tavern. You can sneak past the guard up there or you can fly up to the balcony. After you get the map mark the quest and the X is in town.

I will come back to the town from time to time to see if I missed anymore quests so check back for updates!

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