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Risen 3 Guide: Calador Side Quest Guide

Risen 3 Guide: Calador Side Quest Guide

Calador is home to the Demon Hunters in Risen 3 and they have plenty of work for you to do. The island is huge and there is plenty of exploring to be done. This guide will help you find all the side quests so you can complete them as you go along.

Calador Side Quests

Follow Angus Into The Fishing Village – When you arrive in Calador talk to Angus on the beach and he will lead you to the village nearby.

Sea Food – Talk to Glen in the fishing village and tell him you will help him kill his monsters. Mark the quest and kill the enemies outside of town and return to Glen. If you don’t take anything you get 2 souls.

The Treasure On The Beach Of Calador – You can get this map in the fishing village on Calador. In Angus’ house the map is right on the wall. Mark it on your map and head there. Kill the mage and let the girl down from the shackles for some extra gold as well.

On Knife’s Edge – Talk to Kilian about knife throwing and buy him some rum or use silver tongue if you can.

The Long March – Talk to Nate and he will offer to bring you to the Citadel. If you have the fish give them to him but if not just go without them. Follow him to the Citadel and you will complete the quest when you get there.

The Engagement Ring – Talk to Wilson the smith in the Citadel and ask him about Grace. He will ask you to bring her an engagement ring in Antigua. Accept the quest and go to the black smith in Antigua. Give her the ring and return to Wilson and tell him you did to complete the quest.

Risen 3 Friends Brawl

Friends Brawl – Talk to Henrick outside of the Citadel and fight him in a duel. Beat him to beat the quest.

Ernesto’s Engraved Candle Holder – Talk to Nikodim in the farm north of the Citadel to get this quest. Talk to everyone in on the farm then make this your active quest. Go to the red x and you will see tracks that lead east. Follow the tracks and jump the lava to find the candle stick. There is a lava golem near there but you don’t have to fight it. Return to Ernesto and give him the candle stick and pick if you want to lie or not.

Curse Of Love – Talk to Porter at the tavern and tell him you will return the amulet to the graveyard. Talk to Yvette about the amulet and you can get it out of her by silver tongue or pick pocketing for free. If not you will need to spend 300 gold. After you get it from Yvette return it to the graveyard to complete the quest.

Road Toll – Once you try to enter the Tavern Moe will start crap with you. Tell him to eff off and beat him down to avoid paying him. You can talk to him after you beat him and get some gold out of him with intimidate.

Hunting With Bronach – On the west side of the island you can see a house on the map near some ruins. Go there and you will find a few hunters and a guy named Bronach. Tell him you will go hunting with him and follow him to complete quest. Be sure to kill the 3 devious dragon snappers.

I am still completing Calador so check back soon for updates!

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