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Risen 3 Guide: Taranis Side Quests Guide

Risen 3 Guide: Taranis Side Quests Guide

Taranis is home to the Mages in Risen 3 and you will need there help to get your soul back. There are plenty of extra side quests for you to do while you are on the island as well. This guide will help you find all the quests and complete them with no trouble at all!

Taranis Side Quests

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Harbour Thieves – Talk to Rumold about his missing crates and you will get this quest. Go to sleep and at night head to the marker and click the stack of boxes. Start the night watch and then kill the goblins that appear. Once it is day again talk to Rumold for your reward. The surprise box has 3 magic crystals, 2 grogs and 20 gold inside.

Treasure In The Woods Of Taranis – You get the treasure map on a table outside of the warehouse at the port where you come in at. You get this chest near the fishing hut outside of the mage town.

Tour Of Taranis – Talk to Baker at the top of the hill and tell him to lead the way to the mages and this quest will start. Follow him and on the way you can enter a crystal cave with him if you want for extra loot. After the cave you can choose the short route or the long route. Pick whichever one you want and once you make it to the mage camp you will complete the quest.

The Camp Mine – Talk to Frink outside of the mine and he will give you a quest for inside the mine, You have 4 crystal pouches to collect in the mine. Search around then return to Frink to complete the quest.

Back To Work – Talk to Garelt inside the mine to get this quest. You can find Dakill in the back of a the mine across a wooden bridge. You can pay him, hit him or intimidate him. After you do that tell him to go to work and return to Garelet for your reward.

One Made It – Talk to Kjeld in the mage town to get this quest. Make this your active quest and head to the first marker in the house. Kill the enemies and check the body in the hut. After that go the the island and lead Tokel back to the mage town. Return to Kjeld and he will reward you and give you a second quest.

Paula Hears Noises – Talk to Paula in here house near the front of the town and she will give you this quest. Go behind her house and kill the loud armadillo and return to her to complete the quest.

They All Look The Same! – Talk to Talbot outside of Paula’s house and he will ask you to help him find his gnomes. One is in the harbour, another is in the mine in town and the last one is in the mine outside of the town to the north. He is at the top of that mine. Once you complete the quest talk to Talbot again for a reward.

The Missing Gnome – Once you get into the mage’s library you can go downstairs to the alchemy store. In the back left corner there is a doorway and through that you can find a ladder to down below the compound. Take that ladder and talk to the gnome down below. After you talk to him go to Abbas up in the main camp and tell him about his apprentice and he will reward you. You can try to get him to come back up after that but I couldn’t get him to do it.

Risen 3 The Private Store

The Private Store – Talk to Agila about the mage crystals and he will give you the quest to steal them. You have three chests to loot before returning to Agilia.

Faruco – Talk to Faruco about his possessions and he will tell you he gave the key to Zakir the gnome. Talk to Zakir and use 30 silver tongue to learn that Vetranio has it. Talk to Ventanio and he will not have it either so return to Zakir, This time when Zakir says Magnus has it call him out on it and you will get the key. Faruco’s chest can be found on the second floor of the mage library.

Lumbrok – Talk to Lumbrok in the mage library and ask him about his room. He will tell you to get a book for him and bring it back down to him. Talk to the guard and pick Metaphysical Transcendence and you will be let through. Grab the book and loot the chest and return to Lumbrok.

Nergal – Nergal is in the basement of the mage house and you can just open his chest without a key. You will need to sneak into the room with the chest and open it without him seeing you.

Bring Zakir’s Auri Culci Back – In one of the mage’s chest you will find a pipe that belongs to Zakir. Return to him for some extra EXP.

Herbs And Tinctures – Nergal will want you to collect 5 Taranis Herbs near the fishing hut. Mark the quest on your map, collect the plants and return to Nergal in the basement of the mage house. Talk to him a second time for a better reward.

Pack Of Thieves – Talk to Walker near the fishing hut outside of town and he will ask you to help him kill some goblins. Follow him to his camp and you will have 5 of 6. Look for the wooden bridge near the camp for the 6th goblin then talk to Walker to complete the quest. Talk to him about hunting again for a second quest.

Are You Sure? – This is the second quest from Walker and he wants help killing a golem, Follow him and help him kill the golem to complete the quest.

The Treasure In The Deadlands Of Taranis – I think I got this map in one of the mage rooms during The Private Store quest. Head to the marker and dig up the treasure to complete the quest.

The Mushroom Gatherer – You get this quest from Morrison on the way into the Deadlands area of the map. He wants you to collect 5 dark mushrooms from the Deadlands. Make this your active quest and fight your way to the markers. Return to Morrison and turn them in and you will get a reward and lose you a soul.

The Shadow Lord Of Betrayal – You get this quest from Kjeld after you return from the fishing hut. Mark the quest and head into the Deadlands and take him on. He can warp around but he isn’t really that strong. Just make sure you have some rum ready in case you get hurt.

I will check back later for more quests!

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