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Rogue Legacy 2 You Hear A Thousand Whispers Guide

Rogue Legacy 2 You Hear A Thousand Whispers Guide
Found the interaction items that say “You hear a thousand whisper but can’t make out a voice”. This Rogue Legacy 2 You Hear A Thousand Voices guide explains these special interaction points including how to solve them so you can continue through your journey.

Throughout your adventure in the first area of Rogue Legacy 2, you will encounter objects that you can interact with. Some of these objectives bring up a puzzling phrase. You cannot solve these at first but eventually, you will find the item required for you to be able to calm these Nightmares.

You Hear A Thousand Whispers

Rogue Legacy 2 You Hear A Thousand Whispers Guide
You must find this room after you unlock the Inner Demons Insight. It’s easy enough to unlock, read the books you encounter on your journey to unlock new Insights. Once it has been unlocked, you need to find Aesop’s Challenge. The room is identical everytime. There is a teleport device at the bottom with several lanterns above you. You must jump off each lantern to reach the top. Once you reach the top you will find this large statue, then you have a challenge to complete.

The challenge can be very tricky. It’s possible with few skills however, I highly recommend you invest heavily into certain areas. You will need a lot of health so avoid using the Mage. Try and increase your health in Castle Upgrades. If you have the patience to wait, the Vault Rune will make this a thousand times easier. Runes are unlocked randomly through the Fairy Chests in the levels.

Once you have completed the challenge you are rewarded with Aesop’s Tome. An item that allows you to read Memory Fragments and calm Nightmares. The memory fragments are the items you have seen with the “You hear a thousand whisper but can’t make out a voice” message.

That should be everything you need to know to solve these puzzling memories.

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