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Runescape Monster Hunter Making Millions – Ice Warriors

Runescape 3 Making Millions

Welcome to the first article in Gamers Heroes Runescape Monster Hunter Making Millions series. With this series we hope to offer the average Runescape player the tools and knowledge to really enjoy Runescape and get involved in the more enjoyable content. These articles will have a heavy focus on specific monsters that offer valuable loot tables to help you obtain however much gold you want. The majority of these guides are aimed at mid level players that are struggling to break a few million gold, you don’t need massive requirements to use any of our guides. Each Monster Hunter guide will have the same layout so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. We will include all requirements, benefits and methods to farming each monster we write a guide on. The first article in this series looks at Ice Warriors for Making Millions due to there very high Clue Scroll drop rate…

Runescape Making Millions Guide - Ice Warrior
Ice Warriors

Combat Level : 57

Threat : 2/5

Hitpoints : 590

Attack Type : Melee

Max Damage : 61

Weakness : Crush/Fire

Top Drops : Level 2 Clue Scroll, Ranarrs Herbs/Seeds, Snapdragon Seeds, Key Half

Method & Technique

The best location for Ice Warriors is the Ice Cave, the cave (Also known as The Blurite Cave)  is found just north of Mudskipper point and can be accessed very quickly with Fairy Ring Code AIQ. Ice Warriors aren’t very strong and are easily farmed by players over 70 Combat. I would suggest bringing food quality of Lobsters or higher, with Dragon armour and weapons taking preference over Rune. Once you have all the items you need, the rest is simple. People always assume there is some huge secret in Runescape Making Millions when really it’s just about patience. If you’re able to farm the Ice Warriors comfortably you will average a Level 2 Clue Scroll per trip and enough drops to pay for your food, runes and other costs.

Level 2 Clue Scrolls can drop rewards valued up to 17 million gold, it’s a very rare item but I do know quite a few people lucky enough to get some Rangers Boots from a Clue Scroll. As well as the incredibly high drop rate of Level 2 Clue Scrolls, Ice Warriors also drop a variety of expensive seeds (Ranarr, Snap Dragon) and a nice amount of Law and Chaos Runes.

For the quickest time per run you want to use the Fairy Ring Code AIQ, travel north into the cave then teleport back to Varrock and bank at the Grand Exchange. From here you can jump over the north west wall and head south west to the Fairy Ring. Even a casual player can earn 500k+ comfortably in a few hours using this Runescape Making Millions guide, there is very rarely any players to compete with so the drops come fast.

Any ideas on improving this method? How has it worked for you?

Blaine Smith

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