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Saints Row 3 Guardian Angel Walkthrough

Saints Row 3 Guardian Angel Walkthrough

One of the more annoying missions in Saints Row 3 is called Guardian Angel. It’s annoying because your homie is always crying about something. This mission guide will help you burn through it in no time! Let’s go!

First off for the Saints Row 3 Guardian Angel mission guide we will go over some tips. I would advise you upgrade the rocket launcher to full so it can lock on and you can guide the missiles mid air. I would also recommend that you upgrade your homies HP so they can take a few more hits.

No for the mission part of the Saints Row 3 Guardian Angel mission guide. This mission starts of with you having to snipe some people. This is the easy part zoom in and pop them in the head. Just don’t hit your homie and you should have no problems. Clear them out before they get out of there cars if you can.

Now for the annoying part of the mission. You need to protect your gang car from above. You will have a rocket launcher so you can kill any car in one hit. That also means the car you are trying to protect. This is why you will likely lose once or twice.

The only thing you need to do to win this mission is simple. Let the cars hit your ally if you want because they won’t do much damage. The one that will hurt your ally the most will likely be you. Let the enemies pass by before you take the shot unless you think you can make the distance shot. Never shoot it if you think your homie will be hit. Do that and this mission is very easy.

That will end the Saints Row 3 Guardian Angel mission guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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