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Saints Row 3 How To Get Quick Cash

Saints Row 3 How To Get Quick Cash

In Saints Row 3 you need cash for nearly everything. You need it to buy property, clothes, gun upgrades and most importantly to upgrade yourself. This quick cash guide will help you get the most amount cash with the least amount of work! Let’s go.

If you know a good way to get quick cash in Saints Row let me know in the comments and I will give you credit! Just remember if you have extra cash laying around put it into properties so you can get paid more by the hour.

Saints Row 3 quick cash guide 1 – Tank Mayhem(Hard) – Playing Tank Mayhem on the hardest and winning can net some serious cash. This mini game isn’t to difficult because you are in a tank and have to kill to a certain amount of cash. The only trick to this is keeping your multiplier alive. To do this make sure you are blowing up cars or killing people even if they are not the targets. It may take a couple tries but it isn’t to hard.

Saints Row 3 quick cash guide 2 – Assassinations – In the Saints book you can do assassinations for cash and rep. Pick one and read the description. They will lead you to the target area and from there you will have to do something to lure the target out.  Read the mission log to find out what it is typically. Normally you need a certain car or to taunt some people. Do that kill your target and get some easy cash.

Saints Row 3 quick cash guide 3 – Insurance fraud – This is another easy mini game to get some cash. Basically start it and take a car to a highway. Park on the highway and run into traffic. It’ll be slow at first but once you build up the adrenaline meter you can start to move around mid air and get some real big numbers going. Just remember to try to stay in the air for as long as you can or on top of a car for as long as you can.


That will end the Saints Row 3 quick cash guide. Check back soon for more guides!

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