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Saints Row IV Guide – How to Unlock Double Hacking Time

Saints Row IV Guide - How to Unlock Double Hacking Time
Want more time to hack shops in Saints Row IV? Follow Gamers Heroes’ guide and you will have all the time you need to crack open Steelport’s shops.

To unlock it, you will need to complete Keith David’s third request “The Situation Recognizes.” This will appear after you have unlocked the Dubstep Gun and Sprint – Unlimited Sprinting from him.

Clear Zin Troops

Head over to the westmost portion of Steelport – Burns Hill. Your job is to clear out the aliens around the area. The fastest way is to freeze them all, then blast them away or run them over with your Unlimited Sprinting.

Upload Virus

Head over to the western part of Steelport – Loren Square. Here, you will need to clear four waves of mascots and baddies. The first requires 10, the second requires five, the third requires 10, and the fourth requires eight. Use your freeze powers to keep the crowds under control, and use your Dubstep Gun to clear them out before they defrost.

Steal the Target Vehicle

Head over to the northwestern part of Steelport – Henry Steel Mills and hop into the Lockdown vehicle. Do NOT take down the guards surrounding it — it will raise your notoriety meter and make this mission much harder. Drive the vehicle to Steelport – Loren Square to complete the mission. Use nitrous when you can, and make sure to buy the upgrade that damages other vehicles when using nitrous.

Complete Race

Head over to the southern part of Steelport – Espina. Here you will do a Blazin race. Finish with 15 seconds or less or Bronze, 25 seconds or less for Silver, and 40 seconds or less for Gold. Be sure to hit the jumps and grab the green orbs.

Meet Keith on Ship

Head over to the portal at the center of Steelport – Sunset Park. Talk to Keith David on the ship to unlock Hacking – Extra Time.

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