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Saints Row IV Guide Collection

Saints Row IV Guide Collection
Welcome to Steelport! With Gamers Heroes Saints Row IV guide collection, you will be on your way to taking down Zinyak and becoming more OP than ever.

Opening Missions

Zero Saints Thirty Guide
The Saints Wing Guide
A Pleasant Day Guide


How to Unlock Double Hacking Time
How to Unlock the Dubstep Gun
How to Unlock the Energy Sword
How to Unlock the Inflato-Ray
How to Unlock the Murderbot Minigun
How to Unlock the Singularity Gun
How to Unlock Unlimited Sprinting

Loyalty Mission Guides

Asha Loyalty Mission Guide
Ben King Loyalty Mission Guide
Johnny Gat Loyalty Mission Guide
Kinzie Loyalty Mission Guide
Matt Miller Loyalty Mission Guide
Pierce Loyalty Mission Guide
Shaundi Loyalty Mission Guide

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