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Saints Row IV Guide – How to Unlock the Singularity Gun

Saints Row IV Guide - How to Unlock the Singularity Gun

The Singularity Gun in Saints Row IV will shoot black holes at your command — but you have to earn it first. Follow this guide from Gamers Heroes if you’re struggling to find out how to unlock the Singularity Gun in Saints Row IV.

The Singularity Gun can be unlocked via Johnny Gat’s mission “WWGD.” Select it from the quest menu to begin.

Meet Johnny on the Ship

Head over to the real world via any portal you have opened so far. Talk to Johnny Gat to kick things off — you can find him down the stairs to the right.

Shut Down Hotspot

Head back into the Simulation and head over to the western part of Steelport – Rosen Oaks. Here, you will need to destroy three generators and one controller. The generators can be found on the floating platforms — destroy them first. To get to them, use your super jump and hop from platform to platform. Be careful of the alien on the turret near the second generator — take him down with telekinesis or a well-placed headshot.

After the three generators are destroyed, do a divekick with R1 to cause death from above and destroy most of the aliens around the controller on the ground. Dispose of the rest of the aliens and get rid of the controller.

Upload Virus

Head over to the western part of Steelport – Yearwood. Destroy 20 Saints Flow cans/mascots to clear this mission. Freeze blast the competition and super sprint to take them down easily.

Clear Zin Troops

Head over to the Flashpoint in the western part of Steelport – Burns Hill. After taking down the aliens in the area (use freeze blast/stomp), get ready to fight the Warden. Watch for its stomps, telekinesis, and laser blasts. Buff yourself with R2 and use the Dubstep Gun to take it down.

Disrupt System

Head over to the western part of Steelport – Yearwood and get ready to cause some Tank Mayhem. You will have 3:30 to cause as much damage as you can. 600,000 will get you Bronze, 1,400,000 will get you Silver, and 2,000,000 will get you Gold.

Go for sections of cars — use L1 to fire your lasers and save R1 for the bigger threats (tanks, etc.). Be careful of the choppers in the air, and always keep moving.

Clear Zin Troops

Head over to the western part of Steelport – Yearwood to take over another Flashpoint. Clear out the Zin troops any way you want.

Meet Johnny Back on Ship

Exit the Simulation using any portal you want and talk to Johnny again. Enjoy your new Singularity Gun!

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