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How To Save In Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a game that doesn’t do much hand holding. You can’t just save whenever you want in the game, making it lock pick or steal from people. Check out this guide to find out how to save in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

How To Save In Kingdom Come Deliverance

So first off you can save by sleeping, the game will auto save then and it will also auto save after certain key decisions. The other way to save is with Savior Schnapps. These can be acquired early from your sweetheart Bianca. All you have to do is ask her about your Father’s ale and she will give you three as a bonus. Later on in the game you can buy them at traders, but they are not cheap. Once you learn alchemy you can craft them through that as well, if you have the right materials. You can only hold three at anytime so make sure to use them sparingly unless there is a lot of gold on the line, or a key choice to make that you aren’t sure of. When you have the Savior Schnapps, it’s as simple as pressing start and saving, you can also drink them directly from your inventory to save.

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