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Save Or Ignore Choice In Lost Ark

Another choice in Lost Ark determines the fate of a mouthy bandit leader. This guide on Save Or Ignore Choice In Lost Ark will tell you what happens whether you let the bandit leader get eaten by the giant worm or attempt to save him from his fate.

It’s quite rare for MMO games to have choices and consequences in them. This is mostly due to the longevity of the games. Missing out on an item or another splitting path is something players don’t want to suffer through. It’s not like you can just load up a new save and find out what the alternative option was. However, much like the choice at the start of the game, this decision doesn’t appear to have much impact.

Save Or Ignore Choice In Lost Ark

If you choose Save
If you choose this option the wurm struggles as you approach and take a swing. It spits out the bandit leader who expresses disappointment that he had to receive help from an enemy. He then flees. You fight the worm before Armen appears and helps finish it off. You get the Dadan Card & Giant Worm Card.

If you choose Ignore
If you choose this option the worm gnaws on the bandit a bit and then throws him off into the distance. The rewards are the same.

  • This is a choice that occurs when you reach the Aregal Salt Plains as part of the main story campaign
  • A group of bandits attacks a group of allies and you’re tasked with fending them off. A bandit leader then appears
  • The bandit leader summons a giant worm pet but it backfires and the bandit leader is about to get eaten when you get the choice
  • If you choose to save the bandit leader, you attack the worm and it spits him out. The bandit leader survives and retreats
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