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Save Or Run Away Choice In Lost Ark

During the prologue of Lost Ark, you’ve given a choice to make. This Save Or Run Away Choice In Lost Ark will tell you what happens whether you decide to save the greedy pirate follow or run away and leave him to his demise.

As with many games today, this is an illusion of choice decision. Whether you choose to save the man or run away, it has no impact on the story. Regardless of your choice, the man will get turned to stone and the story will progress in the exact same manner. If we discover any impact late into the story, we’ll update the post, but I wouldn’t expect it.

Save Or Run Away Choice In Lost Ark

If you choose Save
If you choose to save him your character goes towards the man and tries to free him from the petrification. The Priest launches a spell at the man, knocking you back. The trap consumes the man and he is turned to stone. A portal then opens and you and the priest head inside.

If you choose Run Away
If you choose this option your character will not approach to help the man. The priest will not need to fire a blast to save you. The priest say’s it’s too late anyway and the man is turned to stone.

  • During the Prologue you are given a choice on whether to try to save a man or run away
  • The mans greed and his troops triggered a trap that seems to be turning anyone nearby into stone
  • Whether you decide to attempt to save him or run away, the outcome is near identical. The man will turn to stone and you will not be able to save him
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