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Scarlet Nexus Gift Giving Guide

After you reach a certain part of the story you can give gifts to your allies to increase your bond. This Scarlet Nexus Gift Giving Guide explains how all of the different gifts we’ve discovered interact with each of the different characters to provide the biggest bond bonus by offering favorite items.

Increasing the bond level will your allies reaps many rewards. Some allies with ask you to go on quests to increase their bond further, and all allies will allow you to unlock higher ranks of the SAS abilities for increasing their bond level. When you are at your hideout, between chapters, you can speak with each of your allies and offer them a gift. If you have an appropriate gift in your inventory, you can give it to them to increase their bond level.

Nearly all of the gifts are obtained through the shop. When you interact with the shop select the Exchange menu and the Presents sub-menu. This will list all of the items you can exchange for gifts.

Scarlet Nexus Gift Giving Guide

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I originally thought there would be more deduction in the giving of gifts to your allies, but it’s actually a very simple system that is mostly visible when purchasing the gift from the store. When you highlight a Present in the sop, look at the character portraits in the lower right corner.

There are four states for each portrait. If the characters portrait is dark, they will not accept the present as a gift. The second state sees the portrait lit up. This means that the character will accept the present. The other two states are two states of favorites.

A small heart icon means the character likes the item, providing a bigger boost to the bond bonus given. Finally, the last state, is a large, red heart. This provides the biggest boost to bond and represents the characters favorite item.

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