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Selected Region Is Closed – Is Lost Ark Down?

Lost Ark players eager to log in today were met with error message “The selected region is closed. Cannot connect to the server” but is Lost Ark down? It was previously announced there would be scheduled downtime today, February 11th 2022, in preparation for the games full launch.

Until today, all of the players currently playing Lost Ark gained access through one of many different pre-order bundles that were available on Steam. Each of the packages, pricing anything from $10 to $100, each provided players with a few days of Early Access. The actual release of Lost Ark is later today, and that’s where the downtime has come from.

Selected Region Is Closed – Is Lost Ark Down?

Lost Ark has been taken offline to prepare for the games full release, when a lot more players are expected to jump into the game. Unfortunately, the error message “The selected region is closed. Cannot connect to the server” could have included the basic information but fear not, your game is not broken or bugged.

Simply wait until the full release of Lost Ark happens on Steam and the servers will be live again.

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