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Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 0

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 0
Yakuza 0’s sprawling city is home to many shops, restaurants and bars but very few offer the ability to sell your items. This guide will tell you where to sell items in Yakuza 0 so you can make tons of Yen, buy the best abilities and weapons.

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 0

Where To Sell Items In Yakuza 0
You need to head to Ebisu Pawn Kamurocho. It’s a shop at the very Southern edge of the map. Head to the Southern part of Kamurocoho city, it’s in the middle block. You can check the map for nearby shop locations. Hover over any of the colored segments to reveal the name of the store. Look for the Ebisu Pawn Kamurocho and you’re able to sell your items once inside.

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  1. you can’t sell any of your gear here though. I have like 15 belly wraps i want to sell but they don’t buy anything from the gear catagory.

    1. You’ll need to unlock the equpment store. When you play Kazuma go to the shopping district and following the path north of the empty lot entrance you’ll meet a guy who’ll buy/ sell equipment

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