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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Challenge Tomb Location Guide

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Challenge Tomb Location Guide
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is full of Challenge Tombs to complete. Some of these Tombs are easy to find while others are hidden in the jungle. Check out this guide to find and complete all of the Challenge Tombs in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Challenge Tomb Location Guide

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Underworld Gate Challenge Tomb Location

This Tomb can be found here on the map, it is probably the first Tomb you will run into.

Jungle Ruins Tomb Shadow Of The Tomb raider

Enter the Tomb and be ready to avoid traps. After the first trap, the bridge will be out so climb the tree and jump to the wall you can hook into with your axes. Follow that around and drop down, be careful for the trap as you progress. Move forward and jump across the branches until you reach another wall you can use your axe on. Rappel down that wall and swing until you can make the jump to the ledge. Around the corner from there, you will find a bunch of dead people with arrows in them. There is a wall near there you can run up and pickaxe into and climb around the wall to the other side of the area. Here you will find a camp so be sure to sit at it.

Go through the crack in the wall and run up the wall on the right side in the next room. There is another jump that you have to hook with your axe and then rappel down. When you are rappelling, swing to the ledge down below and keep going. Follow the path and watch for a cave opening on the left, there is some loot in there. When you get to the wooden fence with the rope point on it, pull it back, so the rope point is lined up with the other rope line across the chasm.

When you cross the chasm, there will be a huge lever you can move. Pull the lever back, and a big box will come swinging on down towards the wood piece you moved earlier. You have to head back down to the wood piece below and move it back into the first position so you can attach the rope to the hanging box. Cross the box after you connect the rope and go back to the lever. Pull the lever and run back to the box and hop on. You will be launched to another spot of the ruins, and this will require a leap of faith. There is one area of the wall missing where you can jump, but it doesn’t look like there are any hand holes. Look down a bit, and you will see a small ledge you grab if you jump down, be ready to press square, so you don’t fall. Follow the path around and climb all the way up to get the perk for this Tomb.

Follow the path out and you can get back to the game.

Jungle Cavern Challenge Tomb Location

You can find the first one here on the map. You will need you pick axe before you can enter. It is north of the Plane Wreckage base camp.

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle Challenge Tomb 1

When you enter the Tomb, you have to use your axe to jump the gap. When you land, the ledge breaks and you fall into some water. Keep going until you see a statue blocking your path. Use your yellow vision to spot a switch, with a hanging weight above it. You have to go around in the water and up a couple of ledges to jump on the weight hanging by some ropes. When the statue is gone, you can go through. Don’t forget to grab the camp in the area. Go past the bridge and swim under the water until you hit what looks like a dead end. You have to jump up the wall towards the opening above; it is one of those wall run jumps.

On your way through make sure you interact with the gold statue for bonus exp. When you enter the judges gaze room, that is when the puzzle starts. The first thing you need to do is to go to the left side where the statue is held by the moveable triggers. Move the trigger do the statue goes up and then push the closest one near the large downed ladder. Use the second one and move it to where the first one was so it is in a position to catch the statue from above. Attach the rope to the left side to the hanging statue and the ladder. Now you need to climb near where you came in at and go to where that first statue went up when you moved the wooden trigger. Be careful on the way through; there is a trap. When you get through, jump onto the weight, and it will fall and lock on the trigger. The ladder will lift up a bit, and you can push the other wooden trigger under it to the other side.

Now jump onto the ladder and attach the rope from the ladder to the right hanging statue. Jump back up to where you came in at, and there is a hole on the right side of the ladder that leads to the other weight. The exit is also up here so break that open while you are there. Go through, jump onto the weight and the ladder will go up. Climb the ladder, jump the gap and you will get faster health regen. Head back to the exit and climb out. You have to do some climbing to exit, but it isn’t that bad.

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Howling Caves Challenge Tomb Location

The Tomb in this area is found here on the map.

Shadow Of The Tomb raider Kuwaq Yaku Tomb Location

This Tomb will require you to make a long dive into a pool of water right away. Buckle up buttercup; you’re going for a swim. There is some gold in the water so be sure to grab it before getting out, no creatures though so you are safe. When you enter the cave take it slow, there is a sudden drop with spikes at the bottom. When you get to that hole, look to the left and climb up that way and head towards the fire. Follow the path down towards the, and you will start sliding. In the end, you need to be ready to jump and use the axe on the wall. Rappel down and swing to the next edge.

Hop across the next ledge and climb to the right until you have to jump and use your axe on the wall again. Rappel once again and drop down below into the area with the small hole you can crawl through. Crawl through the hole and jump to the ledge on the other side. After you fall, get ready to kill some wolves. Use the rope point to climb over the fire and then use your axe to climb another wall. At the top, you will find a campsite so be sure to sit at the fire. Keep going, and you will see a downed log that you could cross if the wind wasn’t so rough. Just jump up the ledge and forget about the log for now.

This will lead you into a room where Lara talks about the god of death. Move the switch near the start and the pendulum over the bridge. You have to jump onto the pendulum before the wind blows and then jump off on the other side when the wind pushes the pendulum close enough. Now hit the next switch, and this time a spiked pendulum will start moving. You have to jump to the bridge and then jump to the other side of the bridge. Go towards the fire and wait for the wind to blow the spiked pendulum over the bridge. When it is in position, use a rope arrow on it to pull it near you, so it knocks the blockage off the bridge. Now you have to take the first pendulum back to the second switch and close the shutters so you can cross the bridge to the next fire.

Now you have to climb up the wall near the shutters at the next fire. You will cross over the crashed spike pendulum in the shutters and drop down on the other side. Now connect the rope from the crashed pendulum to the second pendulum and climb back on the rope. You know what to do at this point, get the wind blowing again to move the second pendulum. When the spiked pendulum in the wall is ripped out, close the shutters again and go back to the shutters you couldn’t open before. Now you open those shutters, let the fire go out, cross the bridge and get your perk. The perk is for reduced fire and explosion damage.

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Temple Of The Sun Challenge Tomb Location

Ossuary Challenge Tomb Location

Ancient Aquaduct Challenge Tomb Location

Ossuary Challenge Tomb Location

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