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Shards From The Star – Solve The Thoth Riddle In AC Origins The Hidden Ones

Shards From The Star - Solve The Thoth Riddle In AC Origins The Hidden Ones
Shards from the Star is a riddle side quest in The Hidden Ones DLC. This Shards From The Star – Solve The Thoth Riddle In AC Origins The Hidden Ones guide will tell you how you unlock the quest, how to solve the riddle, and the prize that awaits you at the end.

You get this quest during the main story. You cannot miss it. You will notice a journal entry that adds Shards from the Star as a new side quest. The objective simply states, solve the Scroll of Thoth riddle. The riddle is as follows

[testimonials user=’Riddle’ email=” name=’Riddle’ position=” photo=”] Nut, the goddess of the night, spat and a
Ball of flame crashed into the Earth.
Sky-metal, stronger than strong,
Fashioned into two bright daggers,
By Ptah, god of the forces

Ptah asked ra, “Where shall I hide them?”
“Light will show you the way,” said Ra.
And Ra gave him a container for light,
The Crystal of Thoth.

He took the crystal to Thoth’s Temple
And encased it within the roots
Of the Tree of Life
Born at his Temple
That none unworthy shall find it.

The solution is actually really simple. Head to the Temple of Thoth, jump down from the Fast Travel point. There is a door hidden in the base of the tree, you have to clear some trunk to get through to it.

Temple Of Thoth

Climb to the top of the pyramid and place the crystal. Head back down and rotate the mirrors so that the line shines directly onto the location where you found the crystal. One side has the mirror you need blocked by web, clear the web with a fire arrow. This opens a door below the tree of life. Head inside to get an awesome new Legendary Weapon.

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