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Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Tennis Set

Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide - Tennis Set
The Tennis set is another collectible item that can be traded in Shenmue III. This Shenmue 3 Capsule Set Guide – Tennis Set covers everything you need to know to fully complete the set so you can trade it in for some extra cash. The Tennis Set is not a set that is able to be traded.

Much like the Heavy Machinery set, the Tennis Set in Shenmue 3 consists of a group of items that can be collected and sold as a set. Selling as a set the Tennis Set is worth 120 Money, however, unlike other collectibles sets in the game, the Tennis Set is not able to be exchanged for a Skill Book, it’s purely monetary.

Tennis Set

The machine is outside the Tao-Get Store in Bailu Village. It costs 2 Money per turn. Below is a breakdown of the prize rarity based on our brief tests. All of the items are fairly common but the Tennis Ball is not. I’d spent so long at the machine I began to wonder where to find the Tennis Ball but fear not, it’s in there.

Collectible NameRarityLocation
Tennis BallVery RareTao-Get Store Machine
Fiery RacketUncommonTao-Get Store Machine
Violet RacketCommonTao-Get Store Machine
Orange RacketCommonTao-Get Store Machine
White RacketCommonTao-Get Store Machine

I had to complete 33 attempts before I was able to get the Tennis Ball, by which point I had 6-10 of all of the other rackets. The entire venture cost me 66 Money, in order to obtain all the necessary pieces for the set, and it sells for 120 Money, a small profit. However, with a bit of lucky, a couple of quick Tennis Ball finds could push that profit up.

On base value, the Tennis set is hardly worth chasing down. A profit of 50-100 is no more than a solid session chopping wood.

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